Hackers through the Steam community to attack on the loss of nearly 25 bitcoin

Hackers through the Steam community to attack on the loss of nearly 25 bitcoin

Hacking through the Steam community Keyvendorbot to carry out attacks. It is said that the loss of nearly 25 bitcoin.

Steam at the beginning of this year to accept bitcoin, Keyvendor is a famous BOT project of the community, the use of Coinbase to ensure the safety of bitcoin and bitcoin conversion.

This Monday night, KeyVendor.net “Jambo” to reveal their bitcoin stolen.

Jambo said in the original community bulletin:

“Our payment processing company Coinbase loopholes, we all bitcoin and key is stolen from the Keyvendorbot hacker.”

“The stolen bitcoin worth $15000. However, the problem is not in BOT, but in Coinbase merchant services.”

In this release, Coinbase is not to solve the problem to make any statement, perhaps time, hasn’t issued a statement.

Keyvendor select the first to publish the news, and clarify the responsibility, but each accident usually has two sides.

Wait until the Coinbase formally responded, we can get more information.

Jambo also said in the announcement:

“I want to say is, you do not have the funds or key storage risk in our service.”

“We will spend their own money to pay for these stolen funds, however, have a very important thing to deal with the current. At present time, which is why we are in such a short statement. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your patience. Hope you can understand.”

According to the current bitcoin price of $15000, equivalent to about 25BTC.

In February this year, according to the agreement with BitPay, Steam began in May this year to accept bitcoin as a payment option. Officially announced the date is April 21, 2016.

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