Hackers will target to encryption currency startups

Hackers will target to encryption currency startups

Hackers are gradually shifted to the eyes of those running on the block chain encryption currency startups.

Encryption currency platform has become the favorite hacker. Bitcoin exchange and trade platform among the top hackers target. A few days ago, the recent hacking incidents including the Bitfinex exchange stolen to prove this point. But these have been built with more and bitcoin exchange defense system more difficult to overcome, the hackers had to settle for second, will turn the encryption currency startups.

According to BBC (Broadcasting British Corporation) recently reported, Florida, a small number of money startups suffered hacker attacks that mentioned above is true. According to the article, hackers launched an attack on the Krypton start-up company, although the company team tried their best to prevent hacking of a wave of offensive, but still lost $6000. If not the platform team constantly strive to defend the platform security, so in the event of loss will not be hacking at a minimum range.

Krypton startups suffered hacker attacks and not what exceptions, another encryption currency startup Swift is said to have suffered a similar attack. Compared to attack crypto currency platform can relatively higher “return” and the risk of banking institutions with low attack. Of which the main reason is the encryption currency properties and legal status of the status quo and supervision. Is anonymity most encryption currency has a certain degree, it is easy to allow hackers after it spent.

According to GarrickHileman, an economic historian at the University of Cambridge reported that since 2009 appeared bitcoin, was subsequently founded have at least 600 kinds of encryption currency. Most of the money these encryption was a hacker attack target, and even some crypto currency because of hacker attacks led to the collapse of the system.

Especially those who use block chain platform startups are more vulnerable to hacker attacks, this is because they do not have enough computer and server to prove the transaction in the network. The lack of platform processing ability is vulnerable to hacker attacks and powerful. Krypton and Swift are using Ethernet square block chain, they suffered weeks of hacker attacks.

The bitcoin network because of its absolute stress to prove their transactions, so it is by far the most secure block chain platform. Many platforms chose to give up private chain bitcoin blockchain public, they may also face similar to Krypton and Swift in different scale of hacker attacks.

Digital currency and block chain startups choose distributed ledger network more safe and more reliable is the imperative. In addition, they should strengthen the investment of the most advanced security features to ensure the safety of the platform.

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