Half of all the chips DECENT exceeded 5500 bitcoin

Half of all the chips DECENT exceeded 5500 bitcoin


The blockchain now greatly hot, in addition to its application to the audience the hot field of finance, application block chain is actually very broad. For example, a block chain based content distribution platform DECENT is an independent Web3.0 for creative people, authors, publishers and bloggers and fans publishing platform, the platform can break boundaries of any text, pictures, video or music content sharing.

The development of the blockchain hot ICO, since the beginning of 2016, ICO ICO has become one of emerge in an endless stream, the most popular way of financing. ICO mode is not accidental, but inevitable of the development of science and technology.

Block chain ICO, conforms to the center of the global trend, through all the chips, can be fully utilized in the global precipitation of small amounts of money, but also the effect of the formation of a, the formation of a new way to autonomous center, greatly accelerate the speed of evolution of Internet, and ordinary Internet users will also use ICO into Internet the evolutionary process in the new round of witness a new era! ICO is currently mostly used for digital currency and block chain project, there are attempts in Securities and other fields. DECENTICO just over half, has raised more than 5500 coins, currently worth more than $3300000, and is currently only in ICO (all chips) of the first half and 4 weeks DECENT.

DECENT said it would take 70% DCT for is to raise the public, the rest of the 30%DCT will be specified for mining, which will be in the first or second quarter of 2017 after the start of the launch of DECENT network. Mining rewards will last for 20 years, after no longer inflation. DCT will be distributed as follows:

10% for the DECENT foundation?

2% for the investment fund?

1000000DCT for the Decent award?

3000000DCT? For all the chips before marketing

At the same time, DECENT pointed out that ICO is not easy to have a good reputation, and therefore will ensure equitable distribution of bonus. DECENT goal is to prevent excessive return because of the bonus and break, so can not be a one-time release of all funds. This is the limit of common listed companies, only to prevent internal company stock in public or company before the public offering of stock in a period of time after the sale of shares. This period is to prevent the stock market, the stock price will be lowered. The prize money will be released through several waves. But all the bonus awards will be handed in 3 months after the line in the main network.

It’s for numerous suction gold

The main advantage of the DECENT platform can be achieved is transparency and safety. Content distribution through the DECENT network and the author’s reputation was recorded in the blockchain timestamps. Online publishing platform can provide all functions before all of their users, while ensuring the highest level of security and trust.

DECENT will be a great success and block chain technology in digital content distribution on a killer application, its main goal is to make the block chain technology has become a mainstream application. DECENT sharing platform through the digital content security and trustworthy, provide a vertical integration system for different industries, organizations or enterprises, while focusing on flexibility and sustainable development. The establishment of a more intelligent international standard design through the bottom connected, high efficiency, low cost and safe and reliable content delivery. In August this year, DECENT issued the development plan and roadmap, which referred to DECENT, not only to establish a common block chain application, its goal is to change the whole digital content distribution system. Route graph:

“We plan to build a number of application protocol for infrastructure early. In order to help the DECENT network grow, we also plan to provide support for the implementation of the application developers. Finally, it is also very important, we plan to create a hardware solution, a plug for smart TV, will run on the DECENT network.

One of the focus of our platform is after the development of streaming media, this hardware device allows the user to access the DECENT network as whenever and wherever possible, you want to watch the DECENT video movie in the home theater, the direct use of this equipment can be connected to the DECENT network watch.”

Most of the creative content distributors also believe that DECENT is a revolutionary invention. Because there is no high requirements (broker fees charged by Amazon e-book publishing costs accounted for 40%-60% of the total). The DECENT block chain, unlike in Booking, Amason, Uber and similar services, DECENT reviews and ratings system is transparent. Creative authors and content distributors to establish a transparent online reputation in the DECENT block chains are excited by the opportunity.

Subversion is not a dream

The traditional content delivery are middlemen, they as a monopoly of the media in the middle of a large number of consumers to charge higher fees, and publishers or original normally but not received the deserved reward.

DECENT is a digital content distribution in the future. By reducing the profit now dominate the market monopoly and oligopoly unnecessary costs and manipulation, DECENT is the block chain technology into the mainstream market. The company’s employees and investors to earn profits. DECENT is by making them become unnecessary to liberate the digital content distribution in the world. This is all in the DECENT trust value and content distribution on to the center of the.

Two weeks after DECENT will be launched in Shanghai DECENT-Stream preparations. DECENT-Stream will be designed for China market customization, because the video, film and television distribution is a part of the most promising in content distribution. DECENT-Stream will run on DECENT-Core, and will allow consumers (in this case the viewer) to obtain the content directly from the author, without any intermediary costs.

And they have around DECENT network to establish a strong team. There are many people in the promotion of the development of DECENT and continue to help the community, such as helping non-profit organizations obtain grants and exposure Google advertising visibility through free advertising space (GoogleAdGrants) will help DECENT to convey through the ICO news, a financial goal, before DECENT has successfully found several partners. And in the DECNET network will start publishing their original content on the platform.

In all the chips before the start of DECENT has a fully functional prototype. This prototype has shown all the main function of the network and are ready for this service system. They need to do something about it and improve the optimization, but also to test it, to ensure that the product will not be released is not perfect. DCECENT will continue to test the product until it does not have any loopholes, but also will continue to grow its senior research and development team, to promote the further development of.

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