Hard fork bitcoin risk has decreased two days rose 30%

Hard fork bitcoin risk has decreased two days rose 30%

Bitcoin and other digital currency rose this week. More and more people support the software update, which can avoid the hard or bifurcation previously feared.

Hongkong bitcoin exchange Gatecoin marketing director ThomasGlucksmann said: “traders to solve Sicha excited by the possibilities of. This is the reason for rising prices.”

On Monday rose 20% after the bitcoin Tuesday morning rose 10%.

Ethernet currency also rose today.

No. 21 this month, the Segwit+2x version of the bitcoin bitcoin will be on the line, the user can choose whether to switch from the old version to the new version. During the voting deadline 31 days this month, more than 80% people continue to use the new version, bitcoin will be officially switched to Segwit+2x; but if you choose a new number less than 80%, bitcoin will probably encounter hard bifurcation risk rate.

Bitcoin miners in July 21st will begin to choose, but some people have expressed in the system test switch to a new version of the support. On Tuesday, the new version supports more than 45%.

If after the vote, choose the version number less than 80%, bitcoin will probably encounter rate risk — which means hard bifurcation bitcoin may directly split into several different currencies.

If bitcoin miners disagree to accept the Segwit+2x, or the user activates the soft bifurcation (UASF) supporters refused to accept bitcoin block capacity extended from 1M to 2M, will lead to bitcoin have different branches, directly split into several different currencies.

By then, the market needs of different currency bitcoin split out the re valuation, the volatility of money market will There’s no telling bits. Last year, the etheric currency was “DAO” incident and suffered forced hard bifurcation. In the event, currency prices plummeted more than 50% ethernet.

Although some investors because of the coming of hard selling bitcoin risk bifurcation and etheric coins, but digital currency seems to see the opportunity to bargain hunting enthusiasts.

Investment legend MichgaelNovogratz recently pointed out that if the ether currency prices fell to $150 to $200, bitcoin prices fell to below $2000, he will take the opportunity to buy the dips, the holdings of more etheric coins and bitcoin assets.

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