Hate Bit Coin JP Morgan Chase welcomes Bitco and Block Chain Expert

nnRush when comment: JP Morgan Chase new CEO evaluation Bitcoin for fraud, while bitco currency prices rose huge, so that some people have begun to hold a similar attitude. And recently also appeared JP Morgan Chase bargain-hunting news. The company has also recently released a chain of chain experts to recruit.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Jamie Dimon spicy evaluation Bitcoin is fraud, Bitmate community also has the same disgusted feelings. Bitcoin prices have been revised, and others have begun to endorse this view.n
However, after the news, even if Dimon showed opposition to Bitcoin’s remarks, but with the price fell to a few months low, the company still choose “buy at low prices.”n
Now there is another interesting reversal, the company recently released a block chain expert recruitment, to “technical project executive manager” identity to deal with distributed books. Details have the following interesting comments:n
n(BCOE, Blockchain Center of Excellence) leads the development of distributed book technology (DLT) applications, and we explore the use of block-based solutions for various business areas and conduct pilot solutions. In the block chain ecology: the development of technology, investment strategy partners, to participate in industry alliances.n
nBitcoin is called the future of distributed decentralized currency, also known as fraud. However, despite the recent negative news from the Dimon commentary and the Chinese exchange ban, the encrypted currency rose steadily from the lows to around $ 4,000.n

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