He accidentally recovered 127 bitcoin lost eight years ago and chose to realize $4 million to invest in US stocks

Recently, a reddit user reported that he found 127 bitcoins he had accidentally acquired in his childhood in his grandfather’s old computer and sold more than $4 million in cash. In his autobiography, he introduced how he got the 127 bitcoins by chance, how he sold them, and how he felt after he sold them. Speaking of the future, the lucky person who recovered the bitcoin private key said he planned to invest in the S & P 500 index, but also mentioned that he would keep some bitcoin if he had the chance to do it again. The following is the account of reddit users: from 2011 to 2012, my friends and I played a game called “dark orbit”. There is a game currency called “uridium” in the game, which can buy advanced spaceships and advanced ammunition. To get the uridium game currency, you have to buy it with real gold and silver. At that time, as a child, my friends and I couldn’t afford it, so we started looking for websites that could give free uridium coins. There was a website (too long I can’t remember what it was) that supported users to buy uridium game currency with bitcoin. At that time, we didn’t know what bitcoin was, but we found a way to get free bitcoin by filling out questionnaires, watching videos and completing random online tasks. By doing so, I managed to “earn” 127 bitcoins, but in the end, I didn’t convert them into game currencies. I don’t know why, but to be honest, I’m glad I didn’t change it into game currency. During that holiday, I played dark orbit on my grandfather’s Dell computer. Recently, I spent a week at my grandfather’s house. On December 22, I searched the old Dell computer I used to play games in his home and found a TXT folder marked “keys”. At that moment, no language can express my mood!!! On January 3, when bitcoin was more than $33000, I sold all 127 bitcoins. This morning, the dollar just arrived. At the time of this writing, bitcoin had just broken through $38000. Thanks to all the bitcoin believers, they made it possible. Here are some clarifications and explanations on reddit: how to sell 127 bitcoins at a time? Some people have doubts about my story. After all, even the largest exchanges have a limit of “US $100000 / day” on the trading volume of BTC within a day. I said in my earliest article that I spent a week at my grandfather’s house. The day when I found the private key was December 22. I spent a week trying to figure out how to cash it safely and reliably with the cheapest cost. Soon, I realized that there was no way to simply open a regular account on coinbase or binance to sell so many bitcoins. This process took a long time due to daily withdrawal restrictions, and I was worried that bitcoin prices would plummet as I sold them. Anyway, in this week, I was able to find the most ideal solution, which is through OTC. I went back and forth between different companies. In the end, I sold all 127 bitcoins at the price of $33439.02 per coin minus 0.15% of the cost, making a net profit of $4.24 million. I received numerous requests for screenshots for further verification, so I logged into my bank account on my mobile phone. To protect my privacy, I had to scribble out the title of the deal, with a screenshot of the company I was dealing with and another piece of personal information. What would I choose if I went through it again? For weeks after this, I was stimulated by emotions every day. At first, the first thing in my mind was not to ruin the opportunity, cash out as soon as possible, and not to screw it up. In retrospect, if I were given a second chance, I wouldn’t sell all 127 bitcoins. I might sell most of them, but I would keep a small number of bitcoins for holding in the next few years. Especially after seeing the bitcoin price rise sharply this week, I can’t help but regret that I sold all bitcoin too early. Some people commented on my previous article and asked why I ended up with “hold on for dead life” when I sold it all. Well, I’ve been working on Hodler for 8-9 years, which I think is longer than most encrypted users. If I were given a second chance, I would definitely make a different choice. How do you plan to spend the money in the future? After I have figured out how to deal with tax issues, I will find a safe and low-risk investment channel. At present, my idea is that before I finish my studies, I may put most of my money in the S & P 500 index. I don’t want to end up like those who won the lottery and run out of money in a few months / years. Having said that, I will continue to live as normal as before, without expensive luxury goods, no new house, no new car, and be an ordinary person.

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