He is 12 years old to buy bitcoin for $one thousand, “seckill” by their parents peers

In 2011, bitcoin prices have gone up 5 times. The finman is only 12 years old, his grandmother gave fenmen $1000. Fenmen always want to how to spend $1000.

Fenmen to childhood Buffett or wealth story, get profits from the stock market by Many a little make a mickle.

However, fenmen chose to buy bitcoin. In 2011 12 per finman, bitcoin price of US $12, in exchange for 83 bitcoin.

2017 years 12 months, bitcoin prices rose to 2 thousand dollars a finman hands only 200 to bitcoin, the results have 400 million dollars.

But this year 18 year old finman, his mind is very active, always have some wonderful ideas.

For example, fenmen wants to buy a Lamborghini, in order to cope with the cars, the pursuit of personalized license plate must be registered at high prices, as otherwise the Lamborghini car license plate, this car has been placed in the garage, like as collectors treasure.

Many people think, miss the bitcoin rich opportunity, because there is no vision?

If you like the fenmen as early bought 200 coins, then in 20 thousand sold in 2017, you have a $4 million fortune.

In fact, fenmen is a senior high school did not graduate students. In the 12 years old when he told the parents, the future he will become rich by bitcoin.

Fenmen does become, so it is ready to read, as fenmen himself said that “I become a millionaire, did not have to go to school”.

Sensitive to force fenmen digital currency technology is very strong, so the fenmen of the digital world is a very confident person.

Like other excellent industry twisted like finman, also has its own “quirks”, there is a goal, he wants to go to the space to do the experiment.

There is a wealth of the finman can do more.

These years, digital assets no longer only bitcoin, so the fenmen sold bitcoin, Wright currency has bought.

Can say “fenmen Wright currency dead”. Now in the “Wright currency digital currency rating is” chicken ribs level (B), the future may be no improvement.

Fenmen said he thought in 2017, bitcoin may also die”. Is the reason given by fenmen, passes the economy or be able to drag the dead bitcoin’s future.

No matter the fenmen view is correct, the age of 18 with millions of dollars of wealth, of course, is not a small glimpse of the finman eyes.

If you are 12 years old, you are willing to put their money over to the digital world? Time to give everyone the opportunity, only a few people catch this wave of big market. (grinding one network)

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