[heavy] bitcoin transactions online line station (international currency – currency trading)!

[heavy] bitcoin transactions online line station (international currency – currency trading)!

In recent years the blockchain asset trading has been rapid development, at the same time, the user demand continues to rise, in order to give the world to provide users with more professional service, bitcoin trading network BtcTrade new on-line platform for international block chain assets trading platform BtcTrade station professional (www.btctrade.im) The master station, and (www.btctrade.com), BtcTrade station is the main platform for international trade of digital assets for global users, meet the needs of professional users.

At present, the international bitcoin trading network station Between the currency and currency trading In order to meet the demand for professional users, all kinds of digital asset exchange and arbitrage. Bitcoin trading network platform BtcTrade international station in July 31st 23 officially launched, 23:10 put coin service charge.

Since bitcoin expansion brings the instability of BtcTrade international platform station is currently only accept except BTC and BCC and the platform is temporarily unable to turn out currency transactions, the specific transaction time please wait for an official announcement!

You can open the pending transaction after BTC/ETC, BTC/ETH, BTC/LTC Trading Wait for the BtcTrade platform, the end of all BCC and BCC chain appeared on the first block, will officially open the BTC/BCC transaction, Through monetary transactions, will be more effective to reduce your investment costs.



So, what is the coin???

We are trading bitcoin, Wright currency. Our daily contact is through digital asset trading, RMB (CNY) as the medium of exchange.

So, If you use bitcoin as a medium of exchange. ? In other words, Coin trading is the use of a block chain assets to exchange another block chain assets For example, bitcoin to buy Wright currency.

For example, according to the BtcTrade on the current price calculation, the traditional way of trading with you is 279.56 yuan to buy a Wright currency LTC, so in the international station, you can use 0.0144 coins in people under the condition of Wright currency in exchange for a!



Why choose RMB currency trading, it has what advantage?

If you want to put in the hands of the etheric Fang into bitcoin investment, so in the traditional spot trading, you need to sell the etheric Fang RMB, and the RMB to buy bitcoin, and do not say this difference caused by the fast changing market, the transaction will produce two commissions, The coin trading will only have a fee, save money but also save time! To meet the professional game player all kinds of digital asset exchange and arbitrage demand!



Coin trading is how to price?

The fair price of currency currency trading is the two currency prices division. As mentioned above BtcTrade according to the complaint, the current price of 279.56 yuan, Wright currency, bitcoin 19300 yuan,

With the price of bitcoin, Wright currency prices, which can get the deal for the fair price: 279.56/19300=0.0144.

The fair price is the ideal price, But the market prices are not necessarily equal to the fair price.

As the spot market, Coin market price is determined by supply and demand. If the buyer power is higher than the power of the transaction on the price rise. If on the basis of fair prices, more people are willing to handle the bitcoin exchange coins Wright, Wright coins will appear in short supply situation, caused by the rising prices of transactions. That is a need for more exchange of Wright currency bitcoin.

On the contrary, if the buyer power is less than the seller strength, the transaction prices, which converted a Wright currency bitcoin need less.



That is great! How can I carry on coin trading?

Bitcoin trading network login BtcTrade (International Station Www.btctrade.im ) can quickly start trading, if you have Bitcoin trading network account without registration, you can log in directly ;

Money transfer into your account, automatic block network to confirm arrival, after the arrival of the transaction can be opened;

The use of virtual currency bitcoin exchange transactions, more convenient!

Coin transaction fees as low as 0.1%!



Based on the “coin trading”, you can:

1, reduce your convertible currency (such as the use of LTC for BTC) the cost of investment;

2, provide a good platform for your arbitrage opportunities;

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