High prices, investment bitcoin how do we respond?

High prices, investment bitcoin how do we respond?

Housing is always our national cannot do without the topic

North of Guangzhou Shenzhen housing prices skyrocketing

XX city prices cliff

Industrial country, real estate development

Bubble collapse

Presumably these words to you is a sense of the full picture, because almost all people are faced with a similar problem. High prices, the house has become almost Chinese faith, is just how many lovers, because the house said goodbye, how many young people in real estate.

The house seemed to be a mountain of many minds, have their breath.

   China prices is not a free market

The process of Chinese city to now there is no possibility of a slowdown, currently has about 56% of the residents living in the city is Chinese. The so-called housing refers to the city housing prices, not many people to care about rural house prices. According to the experience of developed countries, city urbanization countries will reach at least 75% of the population live in the city, China population is so large, the 19% to be the population of the city, the total demand for the house is very big.

The big city attraction to people far more than the small town, the main population is concentrated in a few large city. Just like the deep North of Guangzhou city population will be billions of dollars that, in the eyes of economists is that probability will happen.

The house supply by grant Chinese government influence. Especially big city, the government of residential land group is very stingy, obviously some is the place that let you build a house.

Many experts believe that China price trend is not difficult to judge, as long as the net inflow of population of the city, as long as the government land policy unchanged (that is, the tax system unchanged) price trend is rising. But we are not so stable income growth.

   The long term impact on prices of RMB

Chinese 1998 only one hundred thousand M2 billion, now has more than 140 trillion. The renminbi has increased 14 times in the past 18 years. What is this concept? This means that from 1998 to now, almost all the national mainstream city residents have more than 14 times increase.

Cash is the most worthless, this may have become the consensus of the Chinese middle class. The gold standard was destroyed, coupled with the recent devaluation of the RMB, money is no longer a society of the most valuable things.

Tonghua housing prices is the expansion of direct reflection. There is no limit to the number of RMB, but the supply of land, house number is limited. With the infinite yuan to buy limited house prices will naturally rise.

   Bitcoin block supply is the free market?

Bitcoin bitcoin network is very wonderful, an average of ten minutes to pack a block, a block of limited size 1M. We use bitcoin transfers is to occupy a certain number of bytes in a block of space, generally is 500 bytes. You should use the block space is to give the miners a reward, this is the premise of bitcoin network operation. At present in the bitcoin transactions online, bitcoin transactions, currency, in addition to the miners reward, all the fee free.

Then the user to pay a reward behavior especially the miners like the purchase of real estate.

Some coins ring, let users free competition in block 1M is limited, pay high fees plus, low fee is eliminated. And these people claim that this is a free market competition, and that Chinese real estate is a free market who are naive.

China is not the number of houses in the scarcity of natural resources is limited, but was artificially restricted. So it can not be called a free market. While the bitcoin block space supply was not the scarcity of natural resources limited.

   An association between house prices and bitcoin

Over the past ten years, the rapid growth of national income, purchasing power, increase the demand for housing. Both city residents and farmers, the average income in the past ten years have gone up 3-5 times, but because the population in the city, this was short of the big city house becomes more scarce, the price nearly doubled ten times, which means an increase in our income and prices did not keep pace with the pace of growth. If there is no good investment or career development, our working-class housing is very difficult.

What investment is wise? Know a answer:

The answers are known almost friends called God predict, if the student is really in 2012 6000 yuan to buy bitcoins, now wealth has turned 200 times! But as you like, he did not buy.

In recent years, housing prices rose alarming, while bitcoin can only be used to describe or scary. About bitcoin investment value, people.com.cn has the following introduction.

The price is full, income is very skinny, if not as investment, meager salary to buy a little Arabian Nights, fortunately, bitcoin prices rose far more than the.

So bitcoin trading network of the gate, you entered?

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