Hilary was elected president of the pros and cons of bitcoin?

Hilary was elected president of the pros and cons of bitcoin?

WikiLeaks (it is an international non-profit organization dedicated to public media, document. From anonymous sources and network leaked) The message released by members of the community development began to care about bitcoin in Sheila as president of the.

The United States presidential election has lasted for several weeks, and now all eyes are focused on the presidential candidates — Donald Trump and Hilllary Clinton. At the same time, the whole world is in the care of the results of the election and a new president in the face of complex global geopolitical and community crypto currency issues, he / she will take what solution.

During the presidential debates here broke a lot of things. The hacker event recently released by Wikileaks and DNC (U.S. Democratic National Committee) mail leak revealed Hilary bitcoin and other virtual currency position. A private message released by the reporting website which revealed Hilary and its presidential campaign team aware of the bitcoin virtual currency and benefits, but still reluctant to support the use of it.

The message said, bitcoin digital currency to the future and the center of the lack of supervision is the main reason for Hilary’s tough stance. The leakage of email is: JohnPodesta (John Bodesta) and StanStalnaker (Stan Stalnaker) on the use of digital currency for fundraising events.

An online encryption currency published on the website of part written by John Bodesta mail:

“When I hear your ways of raising money, I’m not surprised, but it seems to be interesting and legitimate. The essence of digital currency is worth promoting, but the local contrast is the bitcoin free speech is Ayn Rand (her idea can be described as a small anarchist or libertarian style). At the end of this month’s stay in New York City, you can let your members to go with him to see a face, and then decide whether he is worth you and he started a real dialogue.”

In the mail, John shows his bitcoin position, also expressed another alternative digital currency Ven interest. Ven is a digital currency social network HubCulture operations, its value is said to come from a mix of different currencies of commodity futures prices and carbon.

Note: Ven is a very interesting digital currency, because it is closely associated with carbon emissions. The value of Ven contains human carbon emissions trend. The more Ven is put into circulation, HubCulture will store more carbon assets. With the Ven value increasing, the more money they invest in environmental protection, so far, has 25 thousand acres of the Amazon rainforest protected.

With bitcoin acceptance in the world increases, Hilary’s campaign stance also attracted the attention on virtual currency system.

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