Historic moment! Why is bitcoin so crazy when it comes to 30000 US dollars

At a historic moment, bitcoin stands at the $30000 mark! Last week, people were still looking forward to bitcoin reaching the $30000 mark, but they didn’t expect it to happen this new year. Bitcoin just passed the $20000 threshold on December 17, 2020, and has exceeded $30000 today. On January 1, 2020, the price of bitcoin was $7199.8. A senior analyst of a Research Institute pointed out to the reporter of the international finance news that the 30000 dollar mark of bitcoin might be due to the fact that the epidemic situation has exacerbated the expectation of global economic recession again. Global inflation is an irresistible trend. Deflation assets with anti inflation attribute are scarce resources, and the demand for bitcoin is further increased 。 In addition, bitcoin has reached the $30000 mark, and the market expectations of the special currency standardized products have further increased. Many licensed investment institutions have set up digital money funds or applied to the regulatory authorities for trading digital currency, which has boosted the price of bitcoin. On the whole, the apparent reason of bitcoin’s soaring is definitely caused by the shortage of supply, but the key to the problem is why the supply exceeds demand. Bitcoin stands at $30000, bitcoin stands at $30000. According to the Research Report of CICC, the price of bitcoin has risen from $7200 at the end of 2019 to $27084 (as of December 28, 2020), nearly tripled, becoming the asset category with the highest increase since the beginning of the year, even exceeding the faamng technology giant index. In addition to the impact of global liquidity easing, the analysis shows that the financial innovation of financial institutions represented by PayPal, Robin Hood and grayscale in broadening the channels of digital assets in the past year is the structural reason behind the nearly three times rise of currency price in the past year, and bitcoin stands at the $30000 mark. In addition, the reason why bitcoin stands at the $30000 mark also includes that the short-term currency price may fluctuate greatly due to liquidity and speculative capital inflow and outflow. However, in the long run, the continuous expansion of the traditional investor base is conducive to the stable rise of the price of digital assets such as bitcoin. Bitcoin stands at the $30000 mark. Let’s witness this historic moment together. (7598907)

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