Hit movie piracy tactics! South Africa publishers using bitcoin to deal with

Hit movie piracy tactics! South Africa publishers using bitcoin to deal with

For many years, the film industry experts have been trying to find a way to reduce the number of pirated movies on the internet. A film released in theaters, the first batch of pirated copies have been synchronized on the internet. But this situation may change if South Africa start enemy media technology action to combat piracy. South Africa movie distributors report leaked to those movies on the Internet the bounty hunter providing incentives to the bitcoin form. However, there are many methods are more effective than just the idea of the.

If this action can makers of pirated movies on strike, all will have a preview copy used to identify the recipient encoding bitcoin account. Imagine this exists in the physical form of the surface can be seen, but can not erase the electronic watermark. Every time a movie is uploaded to the network piracy, bounty hunters can search the bitcoin wallet, they can send data on the preview of the movie recipients to block enemy media technology chain. Because of this, digital currency group interested in the project and to participate in this company in the second round of financing of the original a little weird.

Although the project has his own commitments, but the important thing to remember is that bitcoin emerging companies not to hit movie download. As these problems must be identified from the source, rather than those who put an end to the products.

To combat piracy than people find and download these documents will cost more. On the contrary, individuals or groups is caused by emergency copy reasons can be found on the Internet, providing a bitcoin reward might be a good idea, although the film industry of how these idea is still unknown.

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