Holland brother because of stealing electricity to dig bitcoin face imprisonment

Holland brother because of stealing electricity to dig bitcoin face imprisonment

Holland Rotterdam two brothers in 2014 for allegedly stealing bitcoin mining, if prosecutors determined this behavior, they will face a few months in prison.

This is Holland’s first case about stealing electricity mining bitcoin case, prosecutors also verify who is the mastermind of stealing electricity mining, and according to the sentences of the two brothers.

According to local news reports, the two brothers don’t know the name of their age were 39 and 43 years old, one person in charge of a mining site. Prosecutors in Rotterdam yesterday revealed news, the two brothers steal electric mining act began in 2014, they have to dig bitcoin worth nearly 200000 euros, about $223000.

Holland public complaints service website OpenbaarMinisterie (OM) added to the farm, bitcoin mining equipment in a cultivation of marijuana (cannabis is Holland attitude to turn a blind eye to carry their own, their own home, or marijuana store transactions are not more than 5 grams, the prosecution will be taken more than once legal action). Was found, and marijuana at least have been harvested more than 2 times. Stedin electric company from Rotterdam, the two brothers stole.

According to local media AlgemeenDagblad news, the prosecutor pointed out that the younger brother is the theft of electric mining bitcoin in 2013 and the initiator of evil, he hemp farm earnings to buy a 14000 euros of mining equipment.

OM revealed that the two brothers have been formally charged for alleged money laundering. Brother (cannabis farm owner), will face up to 15 months in prison, while facing the cultivation of marijuana and prosecution. The older brother is only facing money laundering prosecution, may be sentenced to 5 months in prison.

According to local media reports, yesterday’s court display digital wallet brother still have some mining bitcoin, and other bitcoin have been converted into euros. If my brother was convicted, the OM will be fined 248000 euros.

The Rotterdam court’s decision is expected within two weeks results.

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