Holland is the financial system fully introduce block chain technology

Holland is the financial system fully introduce block chain technology

DeNederlandscheBank (DNB) is the Central Bank of Holland, the agency recently launched a new “blockchain campus development plan ‘, let banks can develop and share the blockchain (distributed ledger system by the use of bitcoin) information.

The government of Holland and even the appointment of a special financial technology ambassador WillemVermeend. Vermeend is a professor of economics, but also the former Minister of the Department of employment and social work. He hopes to become a bridge between the government and the Ministry of science and technology and financial regulators.

Everyone needs a team

In order to facilitate learning and sharing of information between the banks and financial institutions, DNB will open a school in September.

Cooperation has been established on the agenda, financial technology ambassador WillemVermeend said, although Holland is full of creativity, but the twenty engaged in block chain business organizations of other people are doing what is absolutely ignorant of.

For example, ABNAmro has hired a team of 30 people to assess the possibility of bank system in the internal use of a class of block chain. Rabobank has formed a partnership with NexusLab to explore the future direction of development.

DNB =-098790 involved in the field of science and Technology Finance

This is not the first foray into the DNB block chain technology, early in June this year, head of the RonBerndsen DNB market infrastructure policy department disclosed the specific information about the Bank of Holland’s monetary experiment DNBcoin.

In the general assembly of Holland block chain technology in June 20, 2016, RonBerndsen published a speech:

“We started the experiment of DNBcoin last year. The whole idea is adjusted by our own bitcoin software application of block chain technology have a more in-depth understanding, this than we just do desk research and participate in relevant meetings more effective. And in order to avoid misunderstanding: DNBcoin only for internal testing, it will not be in circulation.”

Why the central bank will be interested in the block chain

In fact, Holland’s central bank and the central bank is not involved in the first block chain technology. The Central Bank of India we previously reported (i.e., the Reserve Bank of India) is also exploring the application block chain so as to reduce the use of cash.

The Bank of Canada and the Bank of England also announced they will consider the application of block chain technology in order to achieve a variety of purposes. Therefore, in the future there is a very real possibility is that all the money will be virtual, and the central bank is not surprising in this game currency not far behind.

The possibility of providing the block chain technology is infinite, and the conclusion of the RonBerndsen speech is the best summary:

“History tells us that when faced with the immediate future, the most sensible approach is to predict the possibility of things but not impossible things. A series of advantages for block chain technology than the technology now. But there are also some shortcomings and obstacles to overcome.”

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