Holland’s Election Commission rejected the Pirate Party bitcoin payment

Holland’s Election Commission rejected the Pirate Party bitcoin payment

According to reports, the Holland Election Commission rejected the Pirate Party of Holland to pay for participation in the upcoming election of bitcoin, but this would not let the “Pirates” to stop the use of electronic money to fight for power.

The Pirate Party is an international movement in more than 40 countries. Party members are called “Pirates”, have a “pirate” ten seats in the European Parliament and the parliament of Iceland in the “Pirates” in Germany, Australia, Sweden, Czech elected. Most of the Pirate Party in a very positive and optimistic attitude towards bitcoin. The Pirate Party tends to bitcoin payment.

Holland’s Election Commission rejected the Pirate Party bitcoin payment

A lot of pirate supporters to bitcoin as a way of donation. Holland Pirate Party has recently attempted to make bitcoin payments to the election commission of Holland, Holland’s Election Commission rejected the bitcoin payment, the pirates have to go to the bitcoin exchange for the euro, and the euro payment.

Ancillavande told Bitcoin.com: “the Pirate Party to pay a deposit of 11250 euros to the Holland Election Commission for bitcoin, but this kind of electronic money has not yet been accepted by the government.” The Pirate Party will therefore electronic money into euros.

She said: “for many years, the Pirate Party encryption currency property increased, when we need a lot of money to participate in the elections, with the electronic currency payment is reasonable. We are very pleased to take this opportunity to express our attitude.”

Holland Pirate Party regularly bitcoin property disposal debate, “we want to take advantage of our bitcoin,” Ms. VandeLeest explained, “so we did. Because bitcoin payment is not accepted by our government, so we will be replaced by the euro bitcoin payment in euros, election expenses. It is important for us, those who donate to our bitcoin is to seek a space for one person for us, we’ll use bitcoin payment cost of the election.”

“To support only a false sense of security”

“The central bank did not manage a benefit to the whole society the way they put money,” once in Holland dandy appeared on the cover of a magazine Ms. VandeLeest once said, “some people may say that their mode of operation is a kind of crime. In addition, most of the money is actually put other people’s debt, and only to a false sense of security support. When people lose confidence in their own money, they put money on institutions also have lost confidence in the central bank. This will give each cause devastating consequences.” Support pay with bitcoin bank to the center of the pirates.

“It will all become our pursuit of reality: the decentralization of power, reliability, transparency, organic growth space and should not be permitted to have their best innovation and development,” Ms. VandeLeest said, “the basic code is transparent, and constantly improve the trust group. The Nkamoto approach is to remain anonymous and our protection system (such as an informer Challenger) consistent with the concept of.”

For donations to WikiLeaks financial blockade and other similar events of pirates is still a new experience. “Money is a political thing,” Ms. VandeLeest explained. “We believe that the future starts today, bitcoin may join it paved the way. We only accept our internal database and the number and type of encryption currency.” To accept bitcoin payments of the Pirate Party is a simple choice.

Bitcoin and Pirate Party are committed to make the middle people lose control and power to the center, “she said. “We have in the past with bitcoin payment purchase costs, we will continue to do so.” The Pirate Party even use bitcoin to pay expenses. “Once we need to give our volunteers a reimbursement of expenses,”

Ms. VandeLeest recalls. “He is to advance our posters and leaflets fee, wanted us to use bitcoin payment instead of euros to reimburse him, we are pleased to agree.”

Give people power

“We want to give people as much as possible to make a decision in the local authority,” Ms. VandeLeest said. “No matter where there is a center of power, transparency and reliability it is accepted to review the way. The greater the power, the more the need for greater transparency. We are committed to the company and government decentralization.” The Pirate Party was a lot of people praise praise for its attitude and attitude towards the digital world.

“We are the only one who can understand the digital world and the mechanization and automatic driving car inventions such as what will the impact to the society and our human rights party,” she said. The Pirate Party from the network, so it is based on the digital world. Sadly, human rights and political rights now is our priority.”

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