Hongkong launched the first encryption currency payment platform, the future can directly buy bitcoin

The third party payment platform CSPay (the capital of crypto currency payment) announced officially entered the Hongkong market. Company founder Liang Weihan said at the press conference: “with encryption currency is becoming more and more popular, transaction costs and costs will be significantly reduced, making money is no longer limited to encryption as digital assets and investment tool book.”

CSPay is currently in Apple Store, Google Play for free download, the platform of electronic wallet, trading platform and payment function, compared to the other third party payment platform, the platform can only accept encryption currency recharge, encrypted currency holders only need to install the App on the mobile phone can easily make payments. At the same time, the future of Hongkong users can use credit card directly on the platform to buy bitcoin.

Liang Weihan said, since October this year in Japan after landing, the platform has about 150 thousand registered users, including Japanese BigCamera and many other businesses have to accept bitcoin payments, digital asset investors in Japan is about 3 million 500 thousand, and last year the Japanese visitors reached 810 thousand people, per capita consumption reached HK $4000, we hope that some Japanese encryption can also be paid currency holders in Hongkong.”

It is reported that the current CSPay has covered six markets in the Asia Pacific region, including Mainland China, Hongkong, Chinese China China Macao, Japan and South korea. It is reported that businesses need to add any new hardware, you can use the existing POS or two-dimensional code to receive the encrypted monetary payment, and timely exchange legal tender, can effectively avoid the risk of a sharp fluctuations in the price of digital currency.

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