Hope to open bitcoin university courses?

Hope to open bitcoin university courses?

The vigorous development of bitcoin and other encryption currency leads to block chain widely understood in the conduct of business, management and protection of securities assets ability. With the popularity of the blockchain, the experts in the field of demand has been more than ever before. Even the United Nations, is also seeking international assistance using the block chain.

All the pressure so that the university would block chain technology as part of the curriculum. Nicosia university is a pioneer in this area, the university to accept bitcoin payments, students can earn a bachelor’s degree blockchain formal in this school.

Now the other university is going to follow this trend, provide relevant courses at the same time, allow students to use bitcoin to pay tuition.

The latest addition is the European School of management and Technology (ESMT), they have launched a digital currency seminar, and allow students to use bitcoin to pay tuition. The school’s chief financial officer GeorgGarlichs said:

“Enables us to make a decision is necessary, because from the distant countries students encountered problems. When their governments do not want them (students) to transfer funds abroad when there will be a variety of reasons, may be the problem of high technology fees, or simply because of capital controls, it is difficult for the students to the school to remittance. “

With the increasing popularity of encryption currency and its acceptance, will need more experts, the school must meet this demand.

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