How bitcoin 2018 prospects? Experts have made six big predictions

How bitcoin 2018 prospects? Experts have made six big predictions


Beijing time on December 29th morning news, according to the famous American financial news website TheStreet reported that bitcoin, 2017 is unbelievable for a year.

This encryption digital currency prices hit from 2017 January low of $778 a sustained rise in December, once broke a record high of $more than 19000.

In 2018 approaching, there are a lot of bitcoin related situation is worth attention, and these developments not only all its price.

Perry Udin, chief executive of New York block chain management and encryption of digital currency tax compliance company Node40 (PerryWoodin) that, in 2018, the public will be generally aware of coins and other digital currency is encrypted.

“This year, all the friends and relatives you will want to know how much you have and how to buy bitcoin. The bitcoin topic will become the ultimate dialogue of water cooler.” Wu Ding said.

The following is the six part of the top experts to predict the future of bitcoin a year:

1, the tax will become a big problem

To recognize the tax problems and know how to correctly to the IRS (IRS) tax is very important. Next, because bitcoin and become millionaires (even billionaires) people will be due to the IRS pressure and how to tax is an issue worthy of attention.

2, the encrypted digital currency will increase

There is no doubt that the use of encryption digital currency will become more and more. To build the media ecosystem using block chain technology PROPSbyYouNow, senior vice president of business development Jonatan Serra (YonatanSela) estimates, by the end of 2018, worldwide there are more than 50 million people holding at least an encrypted digital currency. “My hope is that bitcoin will continue as a” digital gold “and hold their value, and hope that Dash become a kind of digital cash commitment will be honored.” Wu Ding said.

3, bitcoin will develop a payment network

In the encrypted digital currency technology Polymath CEO Trevor Coloko (TrevorKoverko) believes that bitcoin will become a complete payment network. “At present, bitcoin is used as a store of value and speculative assets. However, with the advent of the LightningNetwork solution, the use range of bitcoin will rise sharply with the price of a road. The real problem is that the future will be the bitcoin ‘backbone’ have the courage to use these upgrades, or “bitcoin cash” (BitcoinCash) and other chain?” Kewoke said.

4, investors will diversify their encrypted digital currency assets

Most investors will realize that in addition to bitcoin, and Ethernet (Ethereum), Fang (Litecoin) Dash, Wright coins and other digital currency IOTA encryption. Biddable CEO Mark Ruri (MarkLurie) said that for investors, they will diversify their encrypted digital currency assets, and to treat the traditional assets and investment attitude to manage encrypted digital currency assets investment.

5, from the interest of institutional investors will increase

TheCryptoCompany CEO Mike Porter (MikePoutre) believes that institutional investors will enter the encrypted digital currency market in 2018.

“Bitcoin volatility will reduce the other encryption digital currency continues to expand. In addition, we will also see that as to increase the supervision of the response, security token will rise. Conservative estimates, I think the total market value of the entire industry will reach $5 trillion by the end of 2018.” Alpert said.

He added: “there will be more capital into the future organization of the highest quality project. During the financial crisis, so venture capital and growth stocks round. Most companies can not raise any money, but the ability to raise funds of the company to obtain a high valuation. Even in the financial crisis, the capital will flee to the high quality assets.”

6, is expected to be more regulatory constraints

With the development of bitcoin, regulators will be the first of the “first token issue” (ICO) regulation, then the direct supervision of the encrypted digital currency. However, it is difficult to increase the forecast supervision of the industry in the end is the impact of positive or negative.

INSEcosystem co-founder DmitryZhulin said: “the expected bitcoin will further rise, the price in 2018 will reach 30 thousand to 40 thousand dollars, because it is easy to use, and will be used as a means of payment and capital reserves and further use. Although the supervision in the field of digital encryption currency will increase, but I think the blockchain technology will not be hampered due to severe supervision.”

In a word, for bitcoin and other encryption digital currency, 2018 looks will be another exciting year.

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