How bitcoin in Latin America in the future? Different countries adopt different attitudes

How bitcoin in Latin America in the future? Different countries adopt different attitudes


Latin American political instability extremely affects the Latin American economy. Because of inflation in many parts of Latin America, leading to local residents do not trust the legal tender, seek the security of money.

Because bitcoin has been shown to be the solution to many inflation, so many people have turned to bitcoin, bitcoin hedge as local currency devaluation. Therefore, Latin American people bitcoin was familiar with. But in different countries, bitcoin attitude is not the same.

In Argentina, the owner of the shop every day because the pricing story is very common, it continued to bring pressure to the merchants and customers. With Argentina to limit its citizens legal tender and exchange ability out of the domestic currency currency outside, which makes bitcoin become the only alternative currency most Argentines can use. Many Argentines have to ensure their own assets with bitcoin.

In Panama, some time ago in Latin America bitcoin assets of the company Cryptobuyer installed two bitcoin ATM machine in Panama City commercial bank. Install the ATM in addition to bitcoin bitcoin transactions also support DASH. It can be seen that Panama bitcoin keep tolerant attitude.

In Columbia, Columbia’s top financial regulator last week issued a notice on the digital currency bitcoin, mentioned several times. Clearly stated in the notice, bitcoin is not money, but also does not prohibit. Bitcoin is not a can be regarded as a monetary asset, because it is not any country’s support for the central bank. Therefore, Columbia’s attitude towards bitcoin is ready to accept either course.

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