How can ordinary investors participate in bitcoin’s continuous innovation? Is there any fund stock that can be purchased?

Source: after Sina Finance and economics broke through the $50000 mark during the Spring Festival holiday, bitcoin broke through two barriers again, setting a new high of $52000. However, in recent years, the news of digital currency exchange running away and malfunctioning frequently makes ordinary investors find it difficult to find effective investment channels. In fact, as long as you choose the right investment target, you can also get the rising income of bitcoin through traditional trading channels. It is understood that bitcoin has an upper limit of 21 million pieces, which is generally scarce. It needs to be produced through “mining” and the output is stable. It is similar to the setting of gold. Therefore, bitcoin is also regarded as “digital gold” by some people. Therefore, the logic of bitcoin investment is similar to that of gold investment. In addition to investing in bitcoin itself, investors can also pay attention to the relevant targets in the bitcoin industry chain. This paper lists 10 U.S. blockchain concept stocks, and their trend has a certain positive correlation with bitcoin price. Similar to gold, investors can choose three ways to invest. Gray bitcoin trust (otcqx: GBTC) is a private, open-ended trust, which only invests in bitcoin, and its value comes entirely from the price of bitcoin. It enables investors to track the price trend of bitcoin without the trouble of buying, storing and keeping bitcoin. SOS Limited (NYSE: SOS) [focus on the “firefighters” of the landing application blockchain industry] SOS Limited is a high-tech company driven by AI technology. Through the accumulation of big data, it uses AI and cloud computing technology to provide customers with efficient emergency rescue services and information security services. SOS is an international leading service provider providing efficient emergency rescue for users through Internet + satellite communication, with its headquarters in Qingdao. The company focuses on research and development of big data accumulation, cloud computing, Internet of things, blockchain and artificial intelligence, creates an emergency rescue service SaaS platform, and provides information security services, marketing related data, technologies and solutions for insurance, finance, medical care, health, automobile, security, mutual aid and other emergency rescue services, so as to drive big data with technology, and create an international and efficient one Rescue service system. 3. Future financial technology (NASDAQ: ftft), “online shopping talent” in blockchain application field, is a leading blockchain technology R & D and application company registered in Florida on June 29, 1998. The company’s operations include the online shopping platform chain cloud Mall (“CCM”), the cross-border e-commerce platform (nonogirl), the incubator of blockchain based application projects and the digital payment system “dcon”. The company is also engaged in the development of e-commerce technology and financial technology based on blockchain. 4. China Netcom carrier line (NASDAQ: CNET) [using blockchain to create “business opportunity chain” to help small and medium-sized enterprises break through] CNET is the first listed company in China to create business opportunities ecosystem based on people’s livelihood consumption in an all-round way, and is an Internet group company providing business opportunities expansion and individual investment and entrepreneurship opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises. In January 2018, China Netcom carrier officially said that it would develop the blockchain industry and related technologies, and reached an agreement with Wuxi Jingtong technology and Ford tree to establish a new joint venture to carry out research and development on blockchain technology. It is worth mentioning that based on blockchain technology, CNCC carrier line has put forward a new concept “business opportunity chain”, which is used to solve a series of problems such as business opportunity marketing, business opportunity management, business opportunity operation, business opportunity transaction, business opportunity rights protection, business opportunity extension consumption, etc., and expand the survival value of business opportunity. In June 2018, CNCC launched the first business opportunity service industry application “business opportunity headlines beta” based on blockchain technology for intelligent marketing and advertising communication, which improved the efficiency and transparency of enterprise marketing and advertising communication. The second category: all kinds of digital currency mining machines, similar to the production enterprises of gold digging shovels, the developer of “gold mining tools” Jianan Technology (NASDAQ: can) Jianan technology is a supercomputing solution provider. It is one of the few companies in the world with advanced technology accumulation in ASIC design process, including algorithm development and optimization, standard unit design and optimization, low voltage and high efficiency operation, high performance design system and heat dissipation technology. Its predecessor is “Jianan Yunzhi”, a mining machinery enterprise in bitcoin industry, which is the manufacturer of famous Avalon mining machine. The third category: ore pool, mining station, similar to the gold mine in gold production, “coal boss” 1.500 lottery network (NYSE: wbai) [before the acquisition of the mainland mine pool Recently, 500 lottery network announced that it would acquire the mining pool separated by Wu Jihan from Biti mainland with about 10% shares, including all the pool business of, domain name and cryptocurrency wallet. It is understood that bitcoin ranks third in terms of computing power. Limited was originally an online sports lottery service provider in China, and is currently actively deploying relevant business in the blockchain industry. 2. The ninth city (NASDAQ: NCTY) [old game giant changes to mining industry “Little Prince of games”] the ninth city recently announced that it has signed six legally binding memoranda of understanding (MOU) with six mining machine manufacturers, and purchased bitcoin mining machines by issuing additional class a common shares, thus formally entering the mining business field. The ninth city is an old game giant. It has launched a number of popular online games such as heroes of the Three Kingdoms, miracle and so on, and once owned the agency right of world of Warcraft in China. In recent years, its game business has not improved, and it has started to dig mining. 3. China Global Shipping (NASDAQ: Sino) Beijing zhonghuanqiu Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. was established in the United States in 2001, and has been a global shipping and freight logistics integration solution provider. On February 3, 2021, zhonghuanqiu shipping announced the appointment of chief operating officer Nie Lei and chief technical officer. Xintang led the company to enter bitcoin mining business. Youxintang has been involved in the establishment and development of bitcoin’s Shenzhen factory, and has maintained close cooperative relationship with bitcoin. It is said that bitcoin, a mining giant, is expected to be listed on NASDAQ under the backdoor of China global shipping. 4. Riot blockchain Inc. is a bitcoin mining company headquartered in Colorado, USA. It focuses on bitcoin mining. Through participating in bitcoin consensus system, it obtains bitcoin rewards through workload proof mining blocks, so as to maintain the normal operation of bitcoin network. Its goal is to become one of the largest and lowest cost bitcoin producers in North America. Its predecessor is a small pharmaceutical company. In recent years, it has also realized the business transformation through the “Dongfeng” of bitcoin. 5. Marathon patent group (NASDAQ: Mara) [Haomai mining machine is the top mining company in North America] marathon patent group is a digital asset technology company mining cryptocurrency, focusing on the generation of blockchain ecosystem and encrypted digital assets (bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). Currently operates a large mine in Quebec and plans to add more mining facilities in the future. In the third quarter of last year, marathon patent group announced the purchase of 10000 ant ASIC miner s-19 Pro as part of its plan to become the largest mining company in North America.

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