How does the block chain change our way of investing

nnnThe technology changed the pattern of financial services, and our understanding of these new technologies also reshaped our way of thinking about money and wealth. Today, the block links to financial technology, banks, start-ups are actively exploring the innovative applications of these block chain technologies, but it is really interesting that these developments have opened new avenues for people to invest and expand their wealth. The emergence of this technology, so that people can now invest in encrypted currency, start-up companies, and the real estate assets of the token. The next challenge is to encourage the use of these investment vehicles.n
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nTechnology has changed the pattern of financial services, and our understanding of these new technologies has even understood our way of thinking about money and wealth.n
nAs there are a large number of cashless payment solutions, so there are more people choose no cash transactions. In the United States, 2016 Gallup polls show that only 24% (36% in 2011) are more likely to use most or all of the cash transactions.n
nRespondents said the surge in numbers and mobile payments was the reason they were buying less and less using banknotes and coins.n
nWhile other financial activities are changing. In the field of investment, new applications and services like Acorns and Robinhood now provide a more convenient tool for people to invest in stocks through micro investments.n
nOnly 52% of Americans hold stocks, and the polls find that the millennials are less likely to invest. The financial wisdom tells us that people should invest in building wealth, which is a very popular development for the use of technology to influence this market segment.n

nToday, blocks are linked to financial technology, and even banks are actively exploring their own block-chain projects. Other start-ups are also proposing innovative applications for this technology. But what is really interesting is that these developments have opened up new avenues for people to invest and expand their wealth.n
nNext, let us explore some of these applicationsn
nEncrypted currencyn
nFirst look at the most typical application of this technology – encrypted currency.n
nNow many people want to buy their own bits when the bitbell has just been born, including myself. Whether you believe or believe it or not, it will only be worth $ 0.07 when it can trade on Mt. Gox for the first time in 2010. As of this writing, the value of Bitcoar exceeds $ 2,700. Those who have early investment and hold Bitcoin can now enjoy a very rewarding return.n
nOther encrypted currencies are also growing. The price of the encrypted stack of money is just a few dollars, and now its trading price is more than $ 200. While the latest bifurcation of Bitcoin Bitcoin cash became the third largest encrypted currency after the second currency after the bifurcation.n
nInvestment in encrypted currencies is now very similar to foreign exchange transactions. Stocks like Poloniex make it easy for investors to trade encrypted currencies and even convert them into French dollars.n
nTokens available for salen
nThe chain chain also provides a new way for start-ups to get funding. Tokens and initial digital tokens have become viable alternatives to venture capital and public offering of start-up capital. Just last month, block-chain startups Tezos raised $ 232 million in its ICO, breaking the ICO financing record again. Previously, this record was maintained by Block.One and Bancor, both of which raised $ 185 million and $ 153 million respectively.n
nThe launch of the platform such as the ethertop allows developers to create their own encrypted currency. And investors can through the tokens on sale to the start-up enterprises have been approved by the bit as currency and currency and other currencies, so as to “buy” these start-ups. However, in the process, they received not the stock, but the company’s own encrypted currency tokens.n
nAnyone who is interested in investing can easily participate in tokens on sale without having to go through traditional ways of waiting for a company to offer a deal or looking for other ways to buy the company (mainly through a secondary market).n
nTokens of assetsn
nThere are still some new block chain start-up enterprises to invest as the main service. Almost anything can be “tokens” through block chains. The block chain is essentially a categorical book that effectively records all the transactions in the system, and it has evolved into an alternative to paper documents. One can conceive of a digital form document that is equivalent to a paper document (such as a title and a certificate).n
nA start-up such as LAToken is designed to create a platform that enables asset owners and investors to trade real-world assets through block-chain transactions. These assets can be real estate, stock options, artwork and even antiques. These assets are tipped and then traded on the platform, just like the encrypted currency. One of the advantages of toising assets is the ability to break down ownership.n
nThe company’s recently published white paper provides an urgent insight into the work of quoting the assets.n

nOther start-ups are also seeking to solicit financial instruments. The Hive project hopes to provide liquidity to small and medium businesses by inviting the invoice token. Even the government is trying to test similar cases. Sweden is using a block chain for land registration, while the British Royal Mint is studying gold on the chain above the chain.n
nEncourage investmentn
nThe chain of chains has fundamentally been achieved by diversifying the way people invest. As a result of the emergence of block chains, people are now able to invest in encrypted currency, start-ups, and surrogated real-world assets. The next challenge is to encourage the use of these investment vehicles.n
nThe value of these encrypted currencies continues to rise, more and more countries accept the encrypted currency as the currency, so the encrypted currency has also been more and more attention. With the start-up companies put forward the use of block chain to promote business interesting ideas, ICO also caused great interest. These new block chain trading platforms have not been confirmed, but still bring a lot of prospects.n
n”My dream is to have Nasdaq have a wider range of tradable assets in the chain chain, significantly reducing the cost of listing, clearing time and transaction costs,” said Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, chief executive officer of LAToken.n
nIt is likely that when these start-ups become mainstream, there will be more and more temporary investors began to study the use of these block chain platform. For example, the stock trading application Robinhood would have to thank Snapchat for its popularity because of the surge in the use of Robinhood when Snap was making its initial public offering.n
nAt least so far, we would like to thank the technology for creating and managing a variety of ways in which their portfolios are created.n

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