How does the coin player go now after the bitcoin slump? Will you still invest after you see it?

Before about bitcoin, people will praise its ability to get rich. Now mention bitcoin, people will be feeling it worrying situation. It all comes down to this year, prices continued to decline, from nearly 2 million dollars, fell to nearly $4000, called “super mine”. The coin ring game player instantly from “heaven” to the “hell”, to return to the “human” scanty, attracted numerous concerns.

Can be combined with bitcoin trend seen overnight, fell more than 17%, a month down to 30%, a year or even reach 77%. This is not an ordinary encryption currency, the normal phenomenon has become change radically, “storm”, make people worried about crypto currency. By bitcoin “storm” effect, investors to invest in the digital currency, become more cautious, once the market value of the top ten encryption currency, coins, Ethernet reboxetine currency fell.

For bitcoin, the central bank has been concerned, even in 2017, the bitcoin price volatility anomaly, interviewed bitcoin Chinese, release inventory, rectification and other related policies. It can be said that the indirect before the storm, the protection of domestic investors. A lot of money for the government have normal circle game player, let them avoid risk perfect. Even so, the loss of money or domestic circle game player to reach 160 million.

The bitcoin fell so tragic, not only we are concerned about the game player status, even CCTV is also concerned, even in December 5th, once again issued the relevant special reports, launched the “bitcoin” mine “storm” in CCTV2 economic channel. Not only the investigation of ore mining CCTV now, but also to find Inner Mongolia mines, explore the operation situation. We can see that a mainstream machine, in the impact, there are about 130 units shut down, even many hardware vendors are no longer operating. In addition, combined with the previous program, we can find that the total market capitalisation of encryption currency is 82 billion, compared to last year, has dropped by 75%, the prospects are grim.

Bitcoin has been a game player investment in operations, the biggest impact is their. Bitcoin is a digital currency, does not belong to any countries and institutions operating in the bitcoin community. We often say “mine” is not really hard gas dug, but acquired through computing system. Bitcoin is the total amount limit, every time out a bit, who is who first found the equipment. At the back of the transaction, can also be found in the initial discovery. This behavior has been described as “”. Mining equipment is very simple, the computer graphics can be normal operation, but the efficiency is very low, even not worth the cost. So there is a specialized in mining field, the purchase of a special machine to calculate 24 hours, take the resources.

Game player with bitcoin transactions, buy virtual goods, but also pay for cross-border remittances, remittances, has the advantages of low cost, short time and other advantages. A lot of game player see prospects in currency circle. Bitcoin prices soared, reaching a “currency of a villa”. Let a lot of game player to become rich, unlimited scenery. They are also the biggest storm affected population, the richest Li Xiaolai switched ring coins, other chiefs also silently silent. Hangzhou Mr. Wang said, friends 50 million cash exit, you want to earn, lost a fortune, regret not with exit. In the relevant forum, a lot of people everywhere in the miserable, bankrupt. So, investment of 10 million, but also the rest of the population was made 2000.

Coin ring game player feeling from everywhere Starving people fill the land., rich handsome become a “grass root”. Mine circle engaged in mining mines, also complain, CCTV exposure of the mines are hard for students, there are many small mines closed. All know that the biggest mining expenditure is electricity, is now hard to dig into a bitcoin, is not worth spending. Secondly, the need to dig machine is plummeting. S9 selling price is as high as 20 thousand, the highest market price of 35 thousand, or a hard to find. Now the official price of 3000, the secondary market will be able to buy 1500, the difference between heaven and earth. Huaqiang North business, and some have been closed down, some still insist on. Suzhou Mr. Li, see prices, want to buy the dips in the early, took the opportunity to spend 800 thousand to buy hot mill, ready to follow to make a high price. The market is not as expected, was back to temperature, now diverted to micro business, the sale of mobile phone accessories. If he saw the spread of mine circle by pounds selling video, may be more helpless. Bitcoin was very popular in recent years, there are many people in the bitcoin speculation, and the price of bitcoin in a few years ago also soared, here recommend a “play make bitcoin”, we can see.

In the economic globalization, large fluctuations of any large industry, will cause a chain reaction of the market. So bitcoin, the storm also far did not stop, otherwise CCTV will not choose to play again, bitcoin related information. The effect of bitcoin is gradually revealed, mining machinery manufacturers, mines, exchange, project and block chain related enterprises are experiencing difficult times, and even can be said to be “winter period”. Some analysts predict that the future will have regional chain 95% to leave, the unemployment rate will increase, 80% mines will collapse, not to see the dawn of the future. If you are a game player, would choose to “hunters” investment?

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