How far the bitcoin ATM machine from you?

How far the bitcoin ATM machine from you?

As for the public Bitcoin The increased interest in the bitcoin ATM timely birth and rapid development.

It provides users with instant purchase Bitcoin The service RMB ATM, machine looks similar to the daily use and sale of more convenient operation, for the first time buyers, Greatly increased the natural sense of trust is also reduced to get familiar with the threshold of bitcoin.

According to the Coin ATM Radar platform data show that in February this year, the world bitcoin ATM machine number increased by 86 , by March, added 53 , the continuation of the previous bitcoin ATM hot trend.

The world’s first bitcoin ATM

From 2013, the first bitcoin ATM machine in Canada came on at a rapid pace. Now, in The world record Bitcoin ATM machine has 1104 units Actually, maybe more.

Coin ATM Radar is specially recorded around the world bitcoin ATM machine platform.

Here we take a look at the status quo bitcoin ATM machine in the world

The total amount and rate

* total: 1104 Taiwan

* average rate: 8.36%

* the average purchase rate: 9.27%

* average selling rate: 5.96%

Bitcoin ATM machine is used for trading bitcoin tools, the average per transaction fee of up to 8%-10%, higher fees may also hinder the further development of a reason for its popularity.

The allocation ratio

This is the state of the bitcoin ATM actual allocation ratio

Is the highest proportion North America 73.82% The second is Europe 20.56% Asia The proportion of ranked third 3.62% .

The allocation ratio

This is all bitcoin ATM machine actual allocation

The top 5 is

* U.S.A   Seven hundred and fourteen

——–* Canada  One hundred and forty-eight

—————-* Britain   Sixty-one

———————–* Spain  Thirty-one

——————————* Finland   Twenty-one

This seems to be more intuitive:

The above data is not difficult to see that the United States in the use of bitcoin ATM machine on the popularization of absolute proportion.

In March this year, the United States Bitcoin operators ATM Coinsource added 14 new machine in California, this is their largest ever once equipped action.

Last year, the average weekly increase bitcoin ATM giant 1.2 machines; today, the new year in the past two months, the installation rate has become their 2.3 per week.

Let’s look at the China. After 14 years in Shanghai, the configuration of the first, as currently accumulated three taiwan, Beijing two Taiwan, Shanghai taiwan.

Currently available is unknown.

Interested friends can go to The Coin ATM Radar website location information.

The sale function

Below is the function of all bitcoin models accounted for ATM

barely enough for To buy bitcoin The models accounted for relatively large 65.67%

You can buy and sell bitcoin The model accounted for 34.33%

Bitcoin ATM machine to solve the most is to get bitcoin, reduce cash threshold, make it available for trading.

Because the line with online platform more stores began to accept bitcoin payments, use it consumption scene will be more.

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