How long did you wallet more than 500 dollars? The “cashless era” into NPC and CPPCC hot topic

How long did you wallet more than 500 dollars? The “cashless era” into NPC and CPPCC hot topic

It was like a raging fire in the NPC and CPPCC, discussion of “non cash era” has become a hot topic. As a student in Hangzhou opened 28 bus to the bus driver, pure fear but also this year’s National People’s Congress NPC and CPPCC. She told the media that this year she will suggest that from the national level to support the cashless society construction, in order to make the “Internet plus government” as the starting point, let the public services and social security into each of the people around the scene can be achieved without cash service. “This is an irresistible trend of the times.” She said.

When in the street vending machine to buy a coke, you have used to come up with a mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code; when the new year to see the kids, you began to enter a password into the red in the habit of mobile phone; when you downstairs sell KaoGongShu uncle also launched mobile transfer…… Silence for a long time after you suddenly think of yourself, the cash in your wallet not long more than 500 blocks?

At first, the credit card bill began in the world of pop, credit cards, debit cards are the cash in your wallet is so cumbersome. In recent years, WeChat, Alipay and other payment methods is to replace the momentum of credit card. In fact, it is also due to spare no effort offensive in the Internet giants, to chuitiao, next to the yellow hair, for these more convenient electronic payment has had a good slip.

In order to promote their own Alipay mobile payment, it is a “big promotion three-dimensional”, from the discount to the rebate, from billboards to the conference, even from the ground to the sky, finally realized the majority of a second tier city people “do not take money out of the scene; in order to promote their own WeChat wallet, refresh every year the various forms of the red envelope function, is occupying a space for one person in the mobile payment area; Apple’s mobile payment ApplePay was also set off a frenzy of zhuangqiang”.

In the total amount of non cash transactions rising today, people on the popularity of mobile payment has been heard numb. But iResearch report released this month, Chinese mobile payment has far exceeded the size of the United States, is nearly 50 times that of the United states. Global consumption and integration of KPMG previously released the “investigation report” shows that 66% of global respondents said they are willing to use mobile wallet service, and China rate as high as 84%, maybe you will be surprised at how China has an easy job to do to stand in the world’s highest point.

More high-end than. It has just entered in 2017, the central bank with a digital currency program launched a new enthusiasm from all walks of life — in February, the central bank to promote digital ticket trading platform based on chain block test is successful, the legal digital currency issued by the central bank on the platform has been test run, after the Spring Festival, the central bank’s digital currency Research Institute will be officially listed…… Does the central bank Chinese accidentally become a digital currency of the world within the scope of the “pioneer”?

However, many people are still confused, what is the digital currency? Block chain is not attractive eye capital gimmick? The “money era” really come to an end?

The warning line – – dry cargo

Q1 what is the digital currency?

A: in short, digital currency is fully digital currency, issued by the state, involving distributed architecture, cryptography, security chip, mobile payment, trusted computing and other technologies.

It is worth noting that the central bank has repeatedly stressed that the digital currency is not represented with bitcoin virtual currency, virtual currency can not replace all or part of the currency. Many industry insiders believe that, from a global perspective, the implementation of digital currency is a trend, because of its lower cost, and regulators can more clearly understand and track the specific funds direction in the economy, which is not available in the traditional currency.

Q2 how to distinguish it with electronic money?

A: electronic money refers to the equal exchange of financial data to use cash, these financial data through electronic means a variety of payment to the transaction object, thus completing the transaction or payment of debts etc..

That is to say, electronic money is an electronically stored in the device of financial credit. You go to the bank to save money, then use online banking to pay, in fact, the most common is the traditional currency conversion to electronic currency usage. In addition, also including bus with medium to keep the monetary value of cards, bank cards, store cards, and the network environment for the use of the WeChat red Alipay, the balance of such electronic cash based on.

Q3 when young frivolous charge a lot of coins, is not electronic money?

A: is not an electronic currency coins, but a virtual currency. Electronic money is from currency issuers to equal exchange financial data, is the general equivalent, can also flow into the outflow, Q coins of this kind of network currency is a businessman actually sell to the user basic goods, cannot be redeemed for cash back, not to the two-way flow of goods or services can be exchanged; usually only in their own platform last, the transaction can not be in other places, does not have the characteristics of a general equivalent of currency.

Q4 before the “13th Five-Year” national planning information provided inside the block chain, and digital currency is what?

A: block chain is a kind of technology, at present has been applied in the digital currency, but also in other applications. Block chain advantage is not the third party intermediary, in the process of transparent and efficient, secure data security, so other industries have the demand of words can be applied to block chain technology.

Q5 now I go out do not take cash, is not after all can not issue paper money, only digital money on the line?

A: digital currency has many advantages: first of all on our own, there will be no crime of robbery, not the traditional currency will not encounter counterfeit money; illegal transactions, tax evasion and corruption will be curbed.

For banks, reducing the cost of issuing currency and cash management costs, is conducive to economic and trade transfer funds circulation, now like MoneyGram such electronic remittance service than the traditional cross-border money transfer services faster and cheaper.

For the government, the use of digital currency is more convenient for macro data collection, for the adjustment of interest rate policy.

In the international community, the use of digital currency makes money only with the flow of goods to the tide, the future of social wealth will also be disrupted the reorganization, will no longer exist such as the Bretton Woods system leads to a single large dollar, to the center of the world, the organization flat is a good solution many contradictions with a sovereign currency as international currencies.

But there are also some shortcomings, such as the cover is not in place, the businessman is not a small cost; in addition, the electronic currency generally rely on a variety of intelligent devices, it may bring the poor old man with no law, not for the disabled, bad situation. As for the future will be the “cashless society”, now it is difficult to draw a conclusion.

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