How much money did the first bitcoin digger make when the price broke through 51000?

Wang Xing, meituan: “theoretically, Nakamoto is the richest man in the world!” But Nakamoto may actually have been! Who is the richest man in the world? Musk! Is there a wonderful connection between the two? The same richest man, the same creativity and executive power, but one in the bright, one in the dark, you taste, again! Let’s first look at Nakamoto’s theoretical wealth? In 2009, Nakamoto first proposed the idea of a digital cryptocurrency on the Internet and named it “bitcoin”. Without any official endorsement and media hype, bitcoin was just a niche game. In the early stage of development, the only miner may be Nakamoto himself. How many bitcoins did he dig? According to bitcoin expert Sergio Demian Lerner’s analysis in 2013, this figure may be 1 million. His reason is that in 2009, the hash value of bitcoin network has been at a very low level, about 7Mh per second, which is equivalent to the monopoly level of only one miner, and this computing power level is almost the same as that of the 14 days before bitcoin was launched. Based on the above logic, Sergio believes that there is probably only one miner in Nakamoto during this period. Then, the number of bitcoin produced at that time was about 1 million, which naturally was Nakamoto’s! That’s not to mention that Nakamoto may increase its holdings in the next 10 years. At the latest price of more than $51000 per bitcoin, Nakamoto’s fortune is at least $51 million! This is 330 billion more than that of musk, the richest man in the world! However, don’t forget that musk has been involved in the field of electronic payment as early as the beginning of the 20th century! The famous PayPal is created by musk! Think about it. From Internet payment to electric cars, from rocket making to spaceships, is there anyone in the world who has more imagination and execution than “Silicon Valley Iron Man” Musk? If there is one person who can meet all the conditions for creating bitcoin in 2009, and is not an unknown person, who do you think is most likely? How much money did he make with bitcoin?

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