How to block chain enterprises in 2017?

How to block chain enterprises in 2017?

The blockchain started a reform. Block chain has a huge potential, enough to subvert the entire economic structure, which is consistent with the pace of Internet times. This reform has not happened because we were still in the discussion stage concept and application of the block chain.

In the past 1 years, I have attended several meetings and activities. I found everyone’s attention or tokens, currency and miners. I just want to say this topic is not to the point. Block chain is not an isolated system, its far-reaching influence. But we have just begun to discuss how to block chain deployment in banking outside the business, and how to take things to the consular block chain better development direction.

In order to better understand the infrastructure in 2017 the blockchain, we must discuss this problem in several angles.


All banks in the world began to establish a sandbox test block chain technology deployment to their core business. If you think the banking industry a step slow, far behind the most behind the study block chain innovation, you’re wrong. In fact, banks began testing the blockchain technology, but the specific application of the floor will take a lot of time.

Although the sandbox mechanism can ensure internal team focused on research, but in order to better test and research of the technology, still need to remove a number of obstacles.

Most of the blockchain enthusiasts and companies are willing to cooperate and even eager to bank. But I think, ultimately, the bank will set up their own internal expert group, because it is the best choice to maintain their competitiveness in the market.


All said the financial and banking sectors would benefit in block chain technology. But in fact, business is full of opportunities. Because of the relative financial industry, business regulation less, easier to adopt new technology.

Ask yourself: users really care about what you have with the chain block to record their information? Usually the answer was no.. They only hope that your application will not be changed. This is the real business solutions.

To block chain framework really have a global impact, which provides software services for enterprise application providers must adopt this technique.

Many companies are trying to build business applications based on the block chain, but their lack of experience, it is almost a market trend — block chain is too difficult. Many companies are financing the blockchain, think of their own solutions or tools is better, because users can directly see the products in the block chain, and profit from. But the problem is that these companies really understand the specific block chain operation and the entire product deployment process?

As a concrete example: North America developed software in other parts of the world (such as Asia) deployment?

To change the public capital market

A simple example: WeChat is a social media platform integration, is very popular in asia. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Skype, ApplePay, the Google wallet and it has some function.

Similarly, the premise is the normal operation of the chain block system developers to fully understand the whole ecosystem. Just as Brice Marsters? (BlytheMasters) and her digital asset group (DigitalAssetHoldings). They are changing the public capital market, not only a part of the market, each gear but the entire capital market relates to the machine. In order to achieve this goal, to ensure the smooth deployment of products, the group of experts in various fields to attract. They and the NASDAQ (Nasdaq) and ASX (ASX) cooperation is the best evidence. The other block chain supplier failed to achieve this realm.

2017, any attempt involved in commercial application block chain company, if still in the concept stage, will not survive. We will see more and more similar to the number of assets of the group enterprises. In 2017, the blockchain will bring far-reaching influence involved in insurance, real estate, mining, petroleum, Private Held Company, and even the government. The government will follow the footsteps of the bank, also set up the sandbox. Each block chain company will also establish cooperation areas and their giant.

develop and grow

All in all, the development team is gradually growing blockchain. Investors have long been aware of this point. The blockchain company produced mobile phone app to P2P transfer, transaction speed and even beyond the traditional enterprise; block chain company will get a lot of financing, to develop more application services……

However, a lot of research on block chain company are fur, they have no practical knowledge, do not understand the product and business operations.

So the real investors should focus on those who have rich knowledge, professional talents, and understand the business processes of the enterprise. Of course, the premise is they can accept block chain technology.

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