How to fight Al Qaeda and ISIS bitcoin, shifting the balance of power

How to fight Al Qaeda and ISIS bitcoin, shifting the balance of power

The United States House bill No. 2433 (HouseBill2433) is currently a congressional vote stage. Today’s vote continued, “bill calls for the Department of Homeland Security Deputy Minister of intelligence analysis” (UnderSecretaryofHomelandSecurityforIntelligenceandAnalysis) of virtual currency for terrorism related threat assessment etc.. Congressman KathleenRice pointed out that the bill is on the recent WannaCry ransomware attacks reaction.

He also referred to the center for a new American security “(CenterforaNewAmericanSecurity) latest report, how to upgrade the virtual currency, how is the frequent use of terrorism, we must take action to control.

The bill will result in front of degree of threat assessment in the Department of Homeland Security Deputy Minister of information, DavidGlaine is currently in the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (SenateHomelandSecurityandGovernmentAffairsCommittee) assessment.

Al Qaeda was made in America database

Although the report referred to the individual attack, but its focus is the threat of ISIS.

But let us recall what is ISIS and how it started financing.

ISIS is derived from Al Qaeda (Al-Qaeda). Al-Qaeda and Laden and the 9-11 related, but what are Al-Qaeda and ISIS?

I think it can be regarded as Al Qaeda database.

Imagine our enemy into “no single point of failure” spread on the edge of the individual, is a terrible idea, even if the enemy is not the cold war state. Al Qaeda but some United States in 1980s in support of individual components database, was the outbreak of the war in Afghanistan, the United States provided to Afghan rebels dangerous weapons. We no longer want to become a symbol of the cold war with the Afghan allies, may cause some of Binladin’s thoughts of revenge. In either case, the “database” from our arms to support people into 9/11 after the enemy of the United states.

I’m not going to say Al Qaeda does not exist, but it is not called the devil’s Muslim fundamentalist organization, because the Middle East West residents said, let our life sucks. Al Qaeda does exist, but is “made in america”.

Digital currency

So Obama because there is no control from Al Qaeda ISIS have been criticized, a years ago, the report lists the main source of funding terrorism organization:

Donations of wealthy Persian Gulf


Kidnapping and extortion

Human trafficking

Extortion, tax and checkpoints

The control of natural resources


Oil smuggling

Indeed, the followers of Laden are no large-scale terrorist attacks launched by using virtual currency. In fact, the 2014 ISIS $three million a day financing and ISIS on the Internet on the expansion of the. Does that mean we need to stop the spread of information, to control the ISIS?

Like dollars, has no conscience, use depends on the intention of the holder. Do you blame the atomic bomb Einstein? Of course not, as you can not because of his big belly and accused the restaurant, because the restaurant offers recipes, food network dissemination of delicious brownie.

The global death toll

Einstein’s words I love most:

“The problems we are facing today is unable to solve these problems by creating the same way of thinking”.

We can’t put the virtual currency put back in the bottle, just as we can not put the Internet plug back. If you can, now we will be? You will read this article?

The fact is that the global war deaths overall decline in less than in the past. The two world war is a terrible massacre, but reduced the number of Internet era.

Yes, because the ISIS inhuman unspeakable beheading to grab the headlines, but its attention from the way of collecting information so many mistakes to make us believe that members of the ISIS in your car trunk through twitter.

“So Al Qaeda is a database, you are still reading; guess what they say about bitcoin, it is also the database”.

Yes, this is to let everyone excited about something, to provide tokens and encryption currency, market value has more than $one hundred billion. So if Al Qaeda is maintenance of US intelligence database, ISIS is AlQaeda2.0 (Al Qaeda 2).

So if the chain block is “bitcoin 2”, we began to join the virtual currency wallet vendor and exchange. To raise the public as a collection of social information, found that ISIS members or individuals to buy bitcoin way.

Bitcoin future direction

As the flight watch list, we can give these people a watch list, just like in the bank needs to get KYC review, bitcoin will review KYC.

Just a block chain in the background, the terrorists do not know. But use bitcoin determines the increased threat degree.

Bitcoin go where? How to spend? Hidden bitcoin! Let the terrorists transfer funds tracking block chain discovery took these funds, maybe ISIS will be the blockchain.

Not to control the threat, but like DonTapscott said, using the advantages of all inclusive books, see who owns what. But if the terrorists are to accept bitcoin, but not strictly abide by the KYC shop to buy bitcoins, like all the smart mousetrap, let the terrorists take action, and then fall into the trap, perhaps when the people spend bitcoin, the police rushed into the store, the terrorists harm before they catch him.

The trajectory of currency circulation

You can buy anything at the Silk Road (SilkRoad), site sponsor in prison, KathrynHaught helped us to quickly grasp the corrupt SilkRoad task group in the agent almost take $25 million bitcoin.

The FBI agent can eliminate the transaction traces through the traditional banking system, in the bitcoin point of sale to save money in their bank accounts in cash. But the FBI agent did not expect the block chain left traces of data, similar to Facebook and twitter, led the British acquisition of our data, leaving indelible trace.

Then we passed this house bill to should not be “control virtual currency threat”, but to open test and supervision of bitcoin, and if it falls into the wrong hands, may have a negative impact.

“Virtual currency will not let the terrorists more comfortable, but to make it more difficult”.

So the solution is the center of the domestic good control of the connection to the database in twenty-first Century to the center database, which can track the virtual currency holders, holding time and way.

Don’t take control of the virtual currency to prevent terrorist threat as a way, why not put our monetary system into a “transparent system” anonymous, exposed more terrorists, rather than investment, see the war caused mortality continued to decline.

Send hidden bitcoin, the fight against terrorism. Because the future of DavidGlaine became Vice Minister of the Department of homeland security intelligence analysis it will be responsible for the analysis and writing of virtual currency report, and submit to the Congress of the United States refer to.

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