How to solve the three bottlenecks?

In May 28th, “GBF” was held at the Guiyang International Eco Conference Center.

2019 the global block chain Technology Development Forum (GBF) is hosted by the 2019 China international big data Expo Organizing Committee, hosted by China information and Communication Research Institute, and co sponsored by Teleinfo and Odaily Star daily.

At the forum, Wang Menghan, director of product chain and product director of Ping An financial group, published the theme of “block chain from concept to mass production”.

She said there are three bottlenecks in the application of the block chain application: data privacy, system dominance disputes and performance decisions.

In view of data privacy problems, one account chooses to encrypt and upload all data, and has made two technological innovations: field level can authorize encryption and decryption, and 3D zero knowledge proof. Encrypted uploaded data can not be used efficiently, and field level can be authorized to add or decrypt, which can make a specific field visible to a specific person and guarantee authenticity. 3D zero knowledge proof can be done, data is encrypted, and all relational checking of the result can be carried out under ciphertext, with a delay of 3.5 milliseconds.

In terms of system dominance, Wang Menghan said that he is doing a network safely, and is only responsible for linking all sides. At the same time, enterprises can deploy their nodes in the local area to ensure their own data dominance.

Finally, the problem of performance and throughput can not be concurrently. That is, the size of the block can be adjusted intelligently, and any one or several transactions can be packed at any time, no longer limited by the number and time limit of the transaction.

The following is a speech by Odaily planet daily.

Hello, everyone, I am Wang Menghan, from the Ping An finance one account chain block. Ping An Zhang Tong is one of the 32 subsidiary companies under Ping An group. The financial account is a carrier for Ping An Group’s external output.

I am from the block chain team. Here I would like to introduce to you.

Our next contents are mainly divided into two parts: first, the technology of the safe block chain, and second, the application of the safe block chain.

It has been 11 years since we first published the first paper in 2008. The block chain, whether BATJ or safe, is in the layout block chain. There are hundreds or thousands of start-up companies. So many people are ploughing deep in this field. But let us consider carefully, is there much less value and large-scale application of the block chain? In fact, there are few.

In the process of the application of the Ping’an block chain for so many years and the market expansion process, we summed up the following three points, which hindered the large-scale application of the block chain: data privacy, system dominance disputes and performance choice dilemma.

Privacy protection means your data is actually the lifeblood of an enterprise. Why should I share it with others? The block chain is a shared account, which involves privacy. This is the first one.

The second one is who will build the system, who will have the right to the system, or the dominant power.

The third question is whether performance can really be applied to real financial and enterprise applications.

Next, I would like to talk about why we think privacy is the first problem to be solved.

That’s because most of the business level and enterprise level applications are alliance chains. They must be used in a particular business scenario.

That involves a problem: the participating enterprises are either cooperative or competitive. How do we pull together the competitive firms and let them share the same account book? In fact, it is a difficult problem to solve.

It is very difficult for us to pull the 12 banks into the network through a cross-border trade financing network that we have done with 12 large banks made by the Hongkong monetary authority. Because those big banks, including Standard Chartered, HSBC, etc., in fact, everyone has a perfect mechanism for privacy protection of their data and ownership of customer data. Therefore, in the era of big data, even if you are not a competitive relationship, you do not have any relationship with the enterprise. I also do not want to say that I would like to contribute my data to you. Everyone is very taboo about their privacy protection.

So what did the safe block chain do? Ping An block chain has done a relatively extreme thing in the field of technology. We uploaded all the data and all the data in the security block chain. All data is encrypted, rather than that I can choose part of encryption, select part not encrypted, all of our data is encrypted.

At the same time, we made two technological innovations: field level authorization, encryption and decryption, and 3D zero knowledge proof.

If encrypted data can not be used, it is a bunch of random codes, or something that can not be understood by people in the chain. Is that not the result of larger data islands or more unavailability?

We made an advanced cryptography scheme called field level authorization and encryption. For example, we implemented it in a cross border trade block chain led by the Customs General Administration of China, which was implemented at Tianjin port. At that time, we selected all the participants in the chain of cross-border trade on 16 themes.

At that time, for example, foreign export enterprises, he would send my goods to the country, he would look for his carrier or freight forwarder, to find these logistics companies to transport goods to the country. There will be a question at this time: shall I supply all of these contracts, invoices, the total amount and information to the logistics providers?

Others do not want to, but there is no way to solve it. The technology of block chain can solve this problem. How to solve it? I can hide the price information and the total information at the field level. I just tell him what my quantity is, because you are only responsible for the transmission of my logistics information. All you need to know is what you should know, all of which you should not know is in the form of ciphertext. At the same time, it must be true.

Zero knowledge proof is to verify your data without decrypting it. The safe block chain has made a 3D zero knowledge proof. What is this concept?

Zero knowledge is proved in a book, if I have multiple accounts. If trade books, logistics books and enterprises may not have their ERP accounts, how do they relate these data? How to apply it in ciphertext?

Our 3D zero knowledge account is not only encrypted by me, but also can be calculated in the case of encryption, and at the same time, it can check the relationship of the result of operation, that is to say, greater than, less than or equal to, all relations check can still be verified in ciphertext. At the same time, after performing all the addition and subtraction multiplication and division, my performance is less than 3.5 milliseconds, so my performance is available.

Of course, another international company that can compete with our technology is Zcash. His delay performance is at the minute level. What is the concept? 3 milliseconds with minute level, simply speaking, one is available, one is concept, and one is not available. This is the question of digital privacy protection.

The second is the problem of data dominance.

As we all know, the traditional platform, or a large application system, is done by some big companies. For example, does your block chain system use Baidu or ant, Tencent or safe?

In fact, everyone is at the top of the mountain. Why? Because these platforms or applications, in the case of asymmetry or information asymmetry, I will have a lot of interests. If I dominate the platform, I will benefit from it.

If you use his platform, or if you use the platform of a big company, your data will become his data.

I may give you an example that is not particularly appropriate for you to understand. For example, when I went to an e-commerce platform to buy something from UNIQLO, I became a customer of UNIQLO, but when UNIQLO registered on the electronic business platform, did the customers of UNIQLO become the customers of the e-commerce platform?

If for any enterprise, why should I contribute my customers to you? Any company will have this plan. So who will dominate the block chain network?

We have put forward another concept: we have been talking about the security block chain, we are not doing the platform, we are doing the network. How to understand this? That is, peace is not simply collecting data, or pulling everyone together to make an application so simple. But your application is your application, the safe block chain does only one thing, that is, I chain everyone together, and I let data flow. All my nodes are located in your local area or I use all encryption technologies to encrypt you. Your data can not be seen by anyone except you. This is our technological innovation and application.

At the same time, we managed to cooperate with some government financial background enterprises in Hongkong Supervision Bureau or Tianjin port, so we will have very perfect governance structure of block chain alliance and rich experience in construction. This is the problem of system dominance.

The last question may be more technical, that is, my system throughput and latency.

How to understand this? In the block chain, such as 1000 transactions, a package, and then to do transactions and consensus, the throughput may go up, but when I go to some low frequency enterprises to apply, my performance will definitely decrease. Performance and throughput is also a must for both fish and bear’s paws.

We propose a concept called intelligent block. What is the concept of intelligent block? Any transaction can be packed at any time, or any transaction will come and I will always pack it for you, no longer limited by the transaction number and time limit, so that it can be applied quickly.

We can give you a data. We said before that it is irresponsible not to mention the hardware environment or the performance of the network environment alone. Because you run on a PC computer, you still run on one server, actually the performance gap is very large. We have an average TPS of more than 1000 in the 2.3Ghz8 nuclear CPU national dense environment, and the delay is less than 0.001s. This is a delay for us.

In addition to the above three bottlenecks — the core advantages of Ping An block chain: full encryption framework, 3D zero knowledge proof, intelligent block, the last problem is CA authentication.

Now you can guarantee that the data on your chain is private, and the data on your chain is yours. But can you guarantee that this behavior is your own occurrence, or that you must be your identity? This involves a problem of identity authentication – the specification of CA.

Behind us is a cryptographic team, a team that is restricted to not going abroad during the secrecy period, and is very expert in the domestic CA authentication and the block chain encryption algorithm. He helped us create a set of National Security Bureau’s CA specification system, realized in peace, will prove that it is your behavior, your data must be your data. This is the biggest difference between Ping An block and others.

In terms of technology, what aspects of safety are applied?

As we all know, there are a lot of safe plates. We have 32 subsidiary companies, which have deployed five plates in the block chain industry: finance, medical treatment, automobile, real estate, and smart city.

As the only bottom block chain of Pingan group, we also undertake the needs of all chain blocks applied by Ping An Group, including medical, electronic medical records, drug traceability, and automobiles. Last year, we bought a car home, made a car home of the vehicle management office; real estate we have mortgage, safe and good housing; smart city wisdom, environmental protection, intelligent transportation.

As for the financial sector, Ping An is a company with strong financial attributes. This project is a project led by the General Administration of Customs of China in the pilot project at Tianjin port. In August 30, 2018 last year, the General Administration of Customs launched the project. We used it for half a year to link it up. Now it is a real business running scene and is deployed in the customs production system.

In fact, just now, as I recall, Deng always said that it is a very difficult process for you to deploy your block chain to a production link of others. I very much agree with this concept. We have deployed it to the real production link of customs. The clearance system has been applied in the verification results of our block chain.

There are 16 participants, all the import and export enterprises, the participants in the import and export trade links, we all have, if you are interested, you can pay attention to this report.

This is a project we did at the beginning of 2018 when the Hongkong monetary authority was in 2018. At that time, the HKMA joined 12 large international banks to make a trade finance network. A terrible financial systemic risk occurred in 2012. This case is to solve this problem and prevent duplication of financing.

The last one was my IFAB trade and financial network, which was done in Hongkong and in Singapore.

So what did we do in China? IFAB based on our safe transportation, there are also 40 city commercial banks. We have all these banks as the capital chain to our trade and financial network. At the same time, we can get through all the logistics links, business links, transaction links and payment information, and we can verify the information to ensure that this is true.

It is the biggest with traditional supply chain finance or trade financing network, and what I mentioned just now is that your data must be your data. I am not a platform, I am just a network, I am just a third party to bring everyone together, I provide a place for everyone to exchange, do not do any processing of your data, any control.

At the same time, after so many trade financing networks, we are still walking out safely in Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Europe.

In the foreseeable future, it is possible that at the end of this year, we may have a larger trade network in the second half of next year, and we will hear the news.

My speech will be here. Thank you!

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