How to treat Sun Yuchen and his lunch? 88.5% does not favor the stock god compares the special currency change.

On the 4 of this month, Sun Yuchen photographed Buffett’s lunch ticket with a record high of about 4 million 650 thousand. Sun Yuchen expressed his hope to enhance the understanding and friendship between top traditional investors and digital money. However, it is ironic that Buffett used to bitten bitcoin as “the square of rat medicine” and “gambling equipment”. Buffett thought bitcoin was related to many fraudulent practices, and publicly disclosed “coins” many times.

On June 6th, Sun Yuchen and Buffett received a wide attention from the media and the masses. Buffett has been skeptical about the special currency and other virtual issues before, and has repeatedly reported “endless currency”. Sun Yuchen, as a money lair, is naturally highly praised by bitcoin. What kind of sparks can these two opposing people get together for lunch? Will Buffett, the stock god, change the special currency?

In response, media daily economic news launched a vote to see netizens’ views on the lunch. There are four options, which are to see the change of the stock god, the change of the special currency, the courtesy dinner, the stock god’s opinion, and the expectation that the stock god will continue to bite bitcoin. I only care about eating melon. By the end of the press release, 2643 votes had been accumulated, of which 305 were considered to be better than the special currency, and the rest accounted for 88.5%.

What does Sun Yuchen think of it? If Sun Yuchen photographed lunch with Buffett at a high historical price, there would be no purpose for anyone. No one would believe that vanity is a goal even in a simple show. Recently, Sun Yuchen told the media the real purpose of letting Buffett accept bitcoin.

Sun Yuchen said in an interview, “I also hope that I can become the best friend of Buffett in the block chain industry. If he knows that he wants to know about the world of chain blocks, he can contact me for the first time.” And then form a long-acting block chain. Encrypted currency community 。 Buffett also said that the understanding of this industry (block chain) may only stay in bitcoin in 2009, and it is unaware of the development in the following years.

In February 25th this year, Buffett said in an interview with CNBC that bitcoin is a fantasy. Buffett believes that although the technology block chain behind bitcoin is very important, the success of this technology does not depend on the encrypted digital currency. Therefore, the industry analysis, Sun Yuchen photographed Buffett lunch, nothing more than to his own speculation behavior “renown”.

Buffett lunch can be asked to carry 7 people, Sun Yuchen has said that it will invite bitcoin stakeholders to help out, do you think Sun Yuchen can let the stock Buffett compare with the special currency change? Welcome to the message below.

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