Hu Hansan is back again – “Mentougou” CEO Mark Karpeles registered in Japan, the new company Tristan

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In June 5th, according to the Japan daily news, the former CEO, Mark Karpeles, now declared bankrupt of the virtual currency exchange Mt. Gox (the “Mentougou exchange”), revealed that he would register a new block chain technology company Tristan Technologies Co. (referred to as “Tristan”) in Japan and served as the company’s chief of CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

According to Karpeles’s external statement, Karpeles aims to help Japan become a global leader in the field of block chain technology. Tristan plans to design an updated, safer and more high-speed block chain operation system, which is better than most of the existing block chain operating systems.

In addition, the 34 year old French man said in public speech: “my love for Japan has not changed. Taking laptop computers for example, Japan was once a superpower in the engineering field, but now, taking cloud computing as an example, the United States is dominant. But I still believe in Japan’s potential, and I am willing to exploit Japan’s potential. “

According to the daily news, Karpeles said that the new company Tristan will start from scratch and confirm his confidence in the potential of new areas such as cashless chain payment, cloud solutions and building intelligent contracts. However, when asked whether he owned the encrypted currency, he said no, and claimed that the risk of encryption currency was very high.

As reported by the external media, Karpeles is a computer wizard who has a strong interest in comics and games, and moved to Japan in 2009.

In 2011, Karpeles bought Mt. Gox and turned it into a 70% head exchange that once occupied the world’s bitcoin trading volume. Soon after February 28, 2014, the Mt.Gox exchange filed for bankruptcy protection, and declared that the hacker had stolen 850 thousand bitcoins due to hacker theft. At that time, the value of the bitcoin was about $475 million (200 thousand were recovered in March), and the Tokyo District Court began to go bankrupt in April. In August 2015, Mt.Gox CEO was arrested by Japanese police. From 2015 to now, the court still did not make a final judgement on it.

In March 15th this year, Japanese prosecutors formally announced the verdict on Mt.Gox CEO Mark Karpeles, and the “Mentougou” case finally settled.

According to Bloomberg news, the Japanese court of Tokyo confirmed that the Mt.GOX Mark Karpeles, the head of the digital currency exchange, was convicted and sentenced to 2 years, 6 months and 4 years’ probation. It was convicted of tampering with financial records, but was charged with corruption.

The collapse of Mt. Gox brought a series of butterfly effects to the market at that time, causing a plunge in the price of digital money for more than two years and weakening people’s confidence in the exchange. Even after the 2017 digital asset boom, the legacy of Mt. Gox continues to affect investor sentiment. In 2018, the collapse of bitcoin was partly attributed to the custodian of Mt. Gox remaining assets selling about 60 thousand bitcoins, and plans to allocate the remaining funds to investors affected by the closing of bitcoin exchanges.

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