I bought 31 bitcoins, and now it has a market value of 9 million

I bought 30 bitcoins and now it’s worth more than 9 million. Let me tell you a true story. A friend of mine spent 2700 yuan to buy 30 bitcoin coins in December 2015. He should have been financially free from now on. However, he sold 3000 yuan each and made less than 10000 yuan. [covering his face] when we were chatting, we asked him how to sell it? If you don’t sell now, you’re free to finance. He said that there was no money at that time. The money to buy the 30 bitcoin was the money that someone else bought a house and put in his place. Because at that time, the housing funds for buying and selling houses in our place were placed in the intermediary, unlike now, they were all capital supervision. If I lose more than 80000 yuan, I guess my friend can only choose to run away. Now think about it. If you had 30 bitcoins at that time, you would not have kept them until now, because you invested 80000 yuan, and you might earn 20000 or 30000 yuan, and then you sold them as soon as possible, because you were short of money. Therefore, the best investment is to forget. When you think about it in N years, it may take off.

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