“I want a full back sweater” 100000 bitcoin buy one full back sweater episode 25 herding

There is no one but the author, the emperor, who publishes the emperor’s novels exclusively in the world. All the other website owners at home and abroad are not qualified to be published. Considering this, Ms. Ma, who holds down her joy, finally takes up the frame of general manager Ma, looks up at this group of dull shareholders with long hair as black as a waterfall, and looks scornfully at this group of dull shareholders, “Their brilliant strategy is more than that! It’s interlocking, deeper financial logic, hidden in free money There should be applause here, but at the moment, a group of great men in front of them have lost their self, and some have already dreamed of Zhou Gong in despair! Mr. Ma looked at the dull expression of these uncooperative guys, and in his heart he forgave them. Forget it. I should tell you, today I will let you understand how the world’s masters play! Sister Ma coughed twice and continued to add fuel to the fire, “cough! The fire is high when people gather firewood! Those who are employed get high wages, have no money for unemployment, and vagabonds have relief. Is it so easy for everyone to get money? And one dollar is equivalent to n yuan of other countries. Poor people can buy high price products of other countries at extremely low price. Everyone is happy! There is a mass base of 300 million! Good! A few people printed, 300 million people helped to spend and promote circulation, so they used the “herd effect” of human nature, so that more people were involved! To this end, they hire people to control the exchange rate, so that the money of the fans can use the volatility to earn the difference! Give a little sweet, easy to control the money management fans, naturally also control the money of other countries, smoothly into the harvest stage! Other 6 billion people have a look, it is profitable. At least at present, the waste paper can be exchanged for something, so it is the default that waste paper is money! So more fish are hooked, and the game goes on and on This is the butterfly effect! From a point, to a small occupation, and then to the world! The collective is trapped in a series of well-designed traps! ”

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