IBM assisted ZF and UBS to further expand its block chain wallet program

nnnIn the automotive industry applications are rapidly developing, many industry giants are beginning to pay attention to the technology, set the relevant development plan. At present, ZF’s a chain-chain wallet program has announced that it will receive IBM’s support. The project aims to achieve automatic payment of unmanned vehicles and a wider range of digital operations. UBS is also one of the partners of the project. The cooperation of the three well-known companies makes the project look more promising.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nIBM has joined the auto maker ZF and investment bank UBS to create and develop a block-based mobile payment system for the automotive industry.n
nThe news at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 12 announced that this cooperation will study the future of unmanned vehicles can be automatically authorized to pay and achieve digital operations.n
nSeveral companies in the day issued a statement that:n
nn”Car eWallet is an innovative digital assistant for cars that can be safely and easily paid anytime, anywhere, and it can also perform other tasks such as opening a trunk or door.”n
nnAccording to the three companies, the use of block chains will eliminate the need to rely on third-party suppliers or central computing centers to handle transactions and orders. Its distribution will achieve “reliable and irrevocable data records.”n
nZF originally announced plans for the Car eWallet system in January, promising to develop an electric vehicle charging system. At that time, ZF expected Car eWallet to promote the emergence of car sharing system, and by placing items directly into the car trunk to ensure that the parcel delivery more secure.n
nIt is reported that IBM will use its block-chain infrastructure to further develop a security system that can perform tasks as required to demonstrate information about its vehicles to authorized users and to execute transactions in real time.n
nIn general, this move is a good time, the automotive industry is actively exploring the potential application of the block chain. In May, Toyota also announced plans to develop a chain-chain infrastructure to drive the development of its “autonomous technology”, including passenger safety monitoring and fraud prevention.n

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