IBM called on the government as soon as possible of bitcoin blockchain potential assessment

IBM called on the government as soon as possible of bitcoin blockchain potential assessment

Bitcoin blockchain as an emerging technology, has been in technology and financial field test for a few months. Now, other industries and government agencies in the people begin to ask questions about the blockchain problem. I believe that bitcoin blockchain technology not only has the potential to change the business mode of operation, can also play a role in the government and civil enterprises.


Members of the house energy and Commerce Committee are looking for what they called a “subversive” technology, in order to assess their enterprises, government and economic influence potential, they also asked me to give some of bitcoin blockchain opinions and views.

They said bitcoin blockchain is subversive, this is without a doubt. This is a revolutionary technology. System to bitcoin block chain based can help to fundamentally improve the entire industry, this change will start from the banking and insurance industries. But this effect may be more widespread. As long as the value of industry from one party to another, as long as you need to know the precise digital information is the one and only when (and any party in the absence of other parties consent can not change this information), you will understand the block chain technology is.

The following are the four key information bitcoin blockchain people need to know about the:

1) bitcoin blockchain interact to create efficient and trustworthy.

Although bitcoin blockchain is the core technology of the bitcoin currency encryption operation, but he can also be used in a completely different things.

Bitcoin blockchain is distributed through the P2P network to share the general ledger, which is a list of data expanding. Remove in the network wide publicity information, each participant and a ledger data exact copy. Therefore, all participants in an interactive exchange activities are on an up-to-date account transactions and can reflect the latest changes. In this way, bitcoin block chain reduces the establishment of credit demand by traditional methods.

2) bitcoin blockchain technology must constantly improve, to meet the needs of enterprises.

The core of the technology needed to adapt to further address the security and privacy issues, which can create a ready for the moment block chain enterprises. In addition, we must construct the computer system and the Internet, so that they can expand the trade scale more large, especially when the enterprise and the government began to use this technique to treat their core events — in seconds rather than minutes.

3) bitcoin blockchain must have openness and interoperability.

In order to make the block chain to achieve its full potential, it must be a non proprietary technology based on standard, so as to ensure system compatibility and interoperability. In addition, the blockchain version of different types should use open source software, the license terms of freedom and strict management together, instead of using proprietary software, proprietary software can be used to suppress competition. Only to ensure open bitcoin blockchain, he can be widely accepted, but also to continue to develop.

There are several bitcoin blockchain open source project, but only Linux approved and the management of the project (called Hyperledger) to provide friendly terms and corporate governance. This is why we want to join the Hyperledger project, and urged other countries to do.

4) the participation of the government can bring huge profits for bitcoin blockchain.

A domestic very competitive critique that American businesses and government agencies need to understand bitcoin blockchain technical potential under the circumstances to lead the world to promote the use of it. Because bitcoin blockchain technology makes possible transparent, government agencies can better understand the financial and trading system in what happened, and become serious potential problems before. Bitcoin blockchain also more efficient connection of government and enterprises, from tax and land use equal to anything.

Take the American social security system as an example. The social security system including the federal government, millions of employers, their salary and payment service providers as well as the more than 200000000 beneficiary to the system of individual workers. This is the scene of a model of bitcoin blockchain. Many parties, rules, many steps of process management system, and the high standard of security protection of personal privacy is not compromised the urgent need. Bitcoin blockchain is a typical emerging technology. It has a wide range of uses, can bring great benefits, but they and the people used to have the very big difference, so many enterprises and government leaders have adopted different wait-and-see attitude. We appreciate the careful and sensible, but at the same time, we also believe that if organizations and institutions as soon as possible assessment of bitcoin blockchain potential, and began to do practical experiments, they will be left behind in the world we call the structural change.

Bitcoin blockchain may have begun in the shadow of the field of encryption currency, but the current situation is that it stands in the public view, as a powerful tool to provide services for enterprises and society.

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