If Hilary is elected president, bitcoin and blockchain will benefit?

If Hilary is elected president, bitcoin and blockchain will benefit?

Last week, Wikileaks Hilary “mail door” has become the focus of the media, the surprise is that Hilary’s campaign was also considering accepting digital currency donation, but the team has to bitcoin “too liberal” rejected this proposal.

However, early in June this year, the Hilary campaign announced its candidate to support public services blockchain application, this also implies that claims to bitcoin (after all, bitcoin is the first application of the blockchain technology).

So, what is the Democratic bitcoin position? About this problem, and make no response to the Hilary campaign.

In this regard, other analysts share their views.

In front of the White House technology consultant, senior lecturer MIT BrianForde said he believes President Hilary is a good news for the encryption of currency and block chain.

Forde told reporters:

“Hilary has always been a fanatical advocate of Internet freedom, I think she will make the right decision also allow encryption currency and block chain has been successfully used in the United states.”

He also suggested that this support can take the form of, for example on research funding for encryption currency, support the use of block chain application in the government, and to develop a regulatory framework to stimulate the growth of the industry and experts.

Bitcoin donations limit is too low

In the United States to participate in the presidential campaign requires a huge amount of resources, but with the current regulations, it means that the campaign is very difficult to raise from bitcoin users who get money.

Specifically, the current bitcoin donation quota of $100, while other sources of individual donations money limit is $2700.

In 2014, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in the ruling to clarify this point, in addition, it also presents how to spend bitcoin and other restrictions, for example, in payments to a candidate before, must first be converted into U.S. dollars.

Because of these limitations, Hilllary Clinton’s campaign aides may think that accept bitcoin harm than benefit.

SkaddenLLP, a partner and election finance law expert KennethGross said: “I doubt, because the limit of $100, to accept bitcoin is not worth the trouble.”

However, there are some candidates that accept bitcoin payment is valuable.

For example, earlier this year, Republican Senator Rand Paul of the state of Kentucky (RandPaul) became the first presidential candidate to accept bitcoin donations, but before him, the liberal Gary Johnson (GaryJohnson) has accepted bitcoin donations.

Cash or credit card

Although the amount of current limitation can inhibit bitcoin donations, but according to the early signs of this limitation may not exist for a long time.

The $100 limit, making bitcoin donations ceiling and cash donations, it is reported that these restrictions the purpose is to maintain financial traceability.

“If there is a candidate, he provides a bitcoin address on your website, you donated some money to him, and in fact this cash donation is similar,” advocacy group executive director of CoinCenter JerryBrito said.

However, in the view of Brito, bitcoin donations should limit, and other similar online payment.

He told CoinDesk:

“If a candidate is using BitPay or Coinbase as a payment processor, then the name and other necessary information is captured, it actually, and credit card donation is similar, the $100 limit does not apply.”

Change limit

As of now, there are already signs that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) may agree to change the digital currency donation limit.

The agency recently announced a notice on the development of modern technology rules, that is intended for electron donation means of policy reform.

It is reported that in the public consultation period, CoinCenter will promote the bitcoin donation limit, the payment and other online (such as credit card payment) consistent.

If the Federal Election Commission (FEC) digital currency allows a larger amount of donations, Brito predicted that the U.S. Democratic and Republican bitcoin users will have the opportunity to promote their interests through the donation of encryption currency.

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