IMessage access to Apple’s bitcoin payment

IMessage access to Apple’s bitcoin payment

Change the world will change the apple digital payment industry?

Recently, Apple announced the upcoming release of the iOS10 update, apple iMessage will support Circle users to use bitcoin payment system, that is to say as long as the support to upgrade to all iOS10 Apple products are applicable.

In June this year, apple WWDC Conference on new functions of iMessage are introduced, the domestic media have commented on apple to become WeChat, WeChat will also just ask so that the impact. It supports text, images, and voice transmission, can quickly browse to send photos, also introduced a group chat and transfer functions, these functions are WeChat already has the function of.

For iMessage to access all kinds of services, Forbes even commented that iMessage directly in the “cloning” of WeChat.

But WeChat is not daring to access that bitcoin payment.

According to media reports, iMessage is currently in beta, the service with a number of App, and incidental music sharing function and Gif pictures. In addition to some third party platform will be settled, including mobile business platform Spring, payment system, SquareCash taxi applications Lyft bitcoin payment platform CirclePay.

This platform settled one of the Circle was founded in 2013, is an American start-up company, mainly to provide the core technology as the underlying block chain transfer payment service. CirclePay is a mobile payment platform, can not only use the traditional currency, but also the use of bitcoin payment.

It was reported that 36 krypton, Circle in 2013 was A $9 million round of financing, then digital currency related startups received the largest single financing. In June this year, the company completed a $60 million D round of financing, investors including IDG capital, Breye capital and Baidu, while the establishment of WTO China (CircleChina).

However, in addition to supervision, and other digital currency bitcoin has been controversial in the market.

Although the underlying block chain technology is known for its safety, but due to the safekeeping of the private key, even if it is known as the most secure digital currency in the bitcoins, still in a lot of exchange happened theft.

It was reported that 36 krypton, at the beginning of 2014, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox was hacked, the customer about $six hundred and fifty million worth of bitcoins stolen, Mt.Gox was forced to file for bankruptcy. In August this year, bitcoin exchange Bitfinex black lost $68 million, these losses may be shared by all users. These events can affect investor confidence. Recently, the accident led to bitcoin prices falling, but the rebound in the near future.

Can be seen from the AppStore before the processing of digital money, Apple has been on digital currency quite cautious attitude. Earlier, in January 2014, Apple had fully blocked the iOS platform bitcoin wallet, multiple application frame, then part of the bitcoin wallet back on the shelves. Apple received a Ethernet wallet application in the summer workshop, but has been rejected as the world currency.

However, in many of the digital currency, from the perspective of application, the most widely bitcoin is the most famous, use the scene the currency is still the preferred investment and speculation.

The apple iMessage access, one interpretation is the campaign for the upcoming iPhone7. But perhaps more important is the impact of apple bitcoin attitude change related to the payment industry.

As a “new krypton in 36 iPhone caused China gambling with race” in the analysis, each a small change of iPhone, entrepreneurs can smell the business opportunities, or even industry changes.

Now, there have been a lot of attention to bitcoin transactions or payment start-up companies, such as bitcoin trading network, fire currency network, OKCoin, bit and bit treasure etc.. Foreign venture company is more numerous, in August this year, Japan’s largest online retail companies Le Tiancai officially acquired bitcoin payment platform Bitnet.

Today, apple allows bitcoin payment platform access, will promote the popularization and application of the bitcoin payment, caused changes in the industry, bring opportunities for bitcoin startups?

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