In 2016 217 venture capital investment enterprises and bitcoin blockchain

In 2016 217 venture capital investment enterprises and bitcoin blockchain


Bitcoin investment and block chain showed cautious trend. In 2014 the field of 143 cases of investment transactions, growth in 2015 to 161 in 2016 to 132 cases of investment transactions.

Therefore, we use CBInsights data analysis of the risk investment enterprises to participate in bitcoin blockchain and investment situation.

Overall, the number of bitcoin and block chain enterprises alone investors have increased over the past few years, from 19 in 2012 to 2015 grew 217, the average annual growth of 187%. However, in 2016 fell to 217, compared with the previous year decreased by 27%.

The most active investors.

DigitalCurrencyGroup is the most active and bitcoin block chain enterprises investors. Has invested in 65 than bitcoin blockchain and start-ups since 2012, including the largest investment start-ups Circle, Coinbase and Ripple.

BlockchainCapital ranked second, has invested 58 bitcoin and block chain enterprises. The recent investment object is BitPesa (2 million 500 thousand A).

Pantera, 500Startups and RREVentures tied for fourth place. The three home chain enterprises have invested in block Chain. The Pantera and 500Startups investment ChangeTip.

AndreessenHorowitz and UnionSquareVentures are also active in the field of the investors, who invest together PolychainCapital.

The most active investors, three investment companies in the attention of bitcoin and block chain, DigitalCurrency

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