In 2016 the investment bitcoin blockchain and start-up funds up to $550 million

In 2016 the investment bitcoin blockchain and start-up funds up to $550 million

CBInsights’s latest report shows: 2012 with almost no bitcoin blockchain technology start-ups and investment compared to the amount of investment in 2016 reached $550 million.

Since 2012, the total capital investment for bitcoin and blockchain startups increased 5% from $524 million in 2015 increased to $550 million in 2016. Although some people think that this is just a small growth, but compared with 2012, this has been a great progress.

In 2012, only completed five financing, totaling $1 million 300 thousand. But after two years of rapid increase in investment by 2014, has completed 143 investment totaled US $357 million.

Bitcoin blockchain and reduced investment

Although in 2016, investment funds block chain technology has increased, investors are still keen on the development of bitcoin and its basic technology, but the number is lower than the 2014 level of investment.

In 2016, investors bitcoin blockchain and company 132 investment is lower than in 2014 143 investment. Compared with the 2015 161 investment fell 18%.


In 2016, raised more than $50 million a total of 4 companies. Including Circle ($60 million, D round, DigitalAssetHoldings ($60 million), A Ripple (round), $55 million B round) and Blockstream ($55 million, A).

Talking about the biggest financing, people will think of the leading 21 companies and Coinbase, they were given a $111 million and $750 thousand in financing in the first quarter of 2015.

Even if the total amount of investment in the first quarter of 2016 to four quarter of last year, the new high ($175 million 45 investment), but the remaining quarters of investment is decreased. At the end of the fourth quarter of 2016, a total of 29 investment, involving $87 million.


At present, this field is not yet mature; increase in 2012 from $1 million 300 thousand to $550 million in 2016 shows that the industry in a relatively short period of time is in progress.

And the industry still has a lot of room to grow, along with the development of the investment of time will further increase.

One is financing by the canada. Compared with the $21 million 800 thousand five years ago and $7 million 300 thousand in 2000, 2016 venture capital funds reached $137 million 700 thousand.

Although the amount of financing in the UK in 2016 declined, but is still the leading financial technology center; this event did not produce what effect of financial technology investment.

But one thing is for sure: bitcoin and distributed ledger interest is still growing, which means that the funds will be the same.

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