In 2016 to become the best performing currency bitcoin

In 2016 to become the best performing currency bitcoin

In the past four years, bitcoin is either the best or the worst performing currency is currency, belongs to the typical polarization.

Fortunately, for those who closely follow the footsteps of bitcoin investors before the ups and downs all eventually converted into at the end of 2016 rose. By the end of 2016 bitcoin price reached $968.23, when compared to the beginning of the doubled two times more than. Then continue to stride forward singing militant songs and broke through $1000 mark.

Then in 2016, and what kind of currency performance can match the bitcoin?

The following table compares the major currencies in 2016 performance

Brazil’s currency is up 21.9% this year, the highest increase in seven years. Traders expect President Temel to ease public spending in succession after Rousseff’s dilemma.

The Russian rupee also achieved two digit growth, the rupee against the US dollar exchange rate rose by 17.8%, mainly due to crude oil prices.

However, the price of crude oil recovery is not enough to bring good luck to all producers. The main oil producing countries, Africa’s largest economy in Nigeria in the first half of 2016 into its first recession in 25 years. In 2016 the Nigeria naira depreciation of more than 1/3.

Nigeria’s performance is not the worst, the Venezuelan economy continued monetary crisis will be pushed to the edge of the cliff. According to the black market, experts estimate the inflation of Venezuelan currency this year reached 500%.

Outlook 2017 bitcoin

At present, bitcoin has two consecutive years (2015, 2016) won the best currency. At the beginning of the year 2017, bitcoin has been ahead of other global currencies.

The first trading day of the new year, bitcoin broke through the $1000 at an important juncture, global best currency crown three.

If you want to reach the goal, need to rise at least 30% bitcoin has reached $1300 this year.

On 2017 bitcoin is a continuation of extreme performance, or return to mean? Let us wait and see.

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