In 2017, bitcoin will encounter landslides? The data show is this

In 2017, bitcoin will encounter landslides? The data show is this

As of January 10, 2017 11, bitcoin trading network ( shows the current price of 6392 yuan. Yesterday morning the currency prices fell rapidly, the lowest reach 6050 yuan, followed by a rebound. But yesterday afternoon, bitcoin prices suddenly pulled out a upwards through the average system line, then reached the highest point in 6630 yuan.

Bitcoin 2016 rose 200%, beating all currencies, stock index and commodity contracts in January 6, 2017, the central bank Shanghai headquarters with bitcoin trading platform responsible person, and stressed that bitcoin is a specific virtual goods can not be used as currency, after the announcement, bitcoin prices plunged more than 10%. Mixed logical discussion recently bitcoin is very fierce, but what is the truth? This year will rise or fall?

According to BtcTrade data show that although the domestic trading platform trading volume is large, but does not represent the dominant position in the international market China bitcoin, bitcoin trading network transaction is no fee, prompting the user repeatedly frequent trading, the formation of large trading volume, in fact the domestic real trading platform bitcoin only accounted for the global about 30%, most of the bitcoin transactions or abroad.

In 2013, bitcoin price of more than $1100 once, even more expensive than gold. But with the supervision of bitcoin was once the pressure grow with each passing day, more than 80% of the decline. But with the economic crisis, countries around the world have been involved in the currency wars, they by devaluing their currencies to increase export competitiveness. In this case, the neutrality of bitcoin, with the escalation of geopolitical and economic war, will promote the bitcoin price increase and the degree of acceptance.

[as reporters issued at BTC price: $6376; ETH price: $73.23; LTC price: $31.12], for more information please pay attention to bitcoin, bitcoin trading network ( platform: WeChat btctrade_com

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