In 2017, college students took out 50000 yuan of all their savings to enter bitcoin. Guess how much it is now?

At the end of 2017, a netizen who was still a college student took out all his usual accumulation and bought bitcoin with 50000 yuan. At that time, the price of a bitcoin was as high as $19800. The netizen thought that it would soon exceed $19800, and then make another brilliant achievement. However, it did not expect that bitcoin has fallen below the threshold of US $15000 and US $10000. This netizen began to suffer. Between whether or not to cut meat and whether to make up the warehouse, has been tangled. In this way, in constant entanglement, he couldn’t eat well, could not sleep well, studied bitcoin all day long, and then suffered from serious insomnia, almost did not graduate. Then, OK began to look at it and become a “Buddhist system”. Sometimes even for a few months, I didn’t even bother to look at the information about bitcoin. On the 16th, after bitcoin broke the $50000 mark, the netizen still learned the news from his circle of friends. Now, his previous investment of 50000 yuan has risen to 120000 yuan. But the netizen said he was not excited at all. Because he was tortured by bitcoin, he became numb to bitcoin, and the people he played with at that time were almost in his state. “It’s a new high. No one’s talking?” In the group of Q coins he added in those years, some netizens asked. But the interaction is only two or three people. A bit pessimistic, they discussed more of a heavy topic: “once (Institutions) sell, it will be bloody, in the end, it will be a bubble.” Is bitcoin a bubble? Do ordinary people need attention?

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