In 2017 the bitcoin block chain may become the key financial revolution

In 2017 the bitcoin block chain may become the key financial revolution


Bitfury is a large bitcoin mining and block chain technology company, the vice chairman of GeorgeKikvadze bitcoin industry, community, and the main bitcoin network development in 2017, put forward his expectation and prediction.

Bitcoin industry highly anticipated activities

The year 2017 is the highly anticipated bitcoin industry, Gemini and SolidX and other companies are gradually completing the closed-end fund part of the opening (ETFs) approval process. WinklevossTwins bitcoin ETF called WinklevossBitcoinTrust, WinklevossBitcoinTrust and StateStreet (mainly due to a highly anticipated Financial Services Company) partnership, WinklevossBitcoinTrust is particularly close to its approval and deployment phase.

Different analysts and experts have stressed that the introduction of such as WinklevossBitcoinTrust bitcoin ETF may have doubled the price of bitcoin, because this will make some well-known high and regulated companies, investors, traders and enterprises to invest in bitcoin, and does not have the conflict of laws.

MoneyMorning press DavidZeiler:

“Most of the bitcoin community believe that the first bitcoin ETF approval will have a positive effect on bitcoin prices. Because in addition to providing a new way for people to invest, it can also strengthen the legitimacy of the digital currency.”

More importantly, bitcoin startups have begun to attract science and technology within the industry well-known investors, and reduce the associated block chain chain startups and block a whoop and a holler. For example, bitcoin innovative startups Coins to Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand that remittances huge country provides a robust and efficient and high mobility infrastructure bitcoin, received a $5 million investment in the A round of financing led by AccionFrontierInclusion.

AccionFrontierInclusion’s GaneshRengaswamy said in a statement: “the Coins is working with the main participants of ecological system, in order to build a new financial and payment infrastructure in Southeast asia.”

Bitcoin network and Protocol Improvement

Chain extension solutions as well as Segwit, Lightning and TumbleBit these privacy solutions company may allow developers and bitcoin startups can not make great changes under the premise of the development of micro transaction system, efficient and robust hardware purse wallet system and privacy concerns bitcoin platform.

The introduction of BitcoinCore Segwit in mid 2016, according to a study by AlexPetrov showed that the bitcoin network capacity that can be expanded 1.1 times. So the optimization of block size allows users in safe condition at a faster speed to complete the payment process.

In addition, as more and more banks and financial institutions began to realize the low efficiency of private block chain network and licensing ledger, bitcoin blockchain will most likely become a key financial revolution. Recently, a former Barclays chief executive, joined a very popular wallet platform — Blockchain is also known as the board of directors.

Before the Barclays CEO AntonyJenkins said:

Block chain technology has the potential to reshape the way we consume, beneficial to build a high quality, low cost, safe, fair and transparent financial system.”

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