In addition, it is necessary to reduce the cost of the project

Recently, I saw a lot of people talking about bitcoin. They were all these words. In the comment area, there were all kinds of opinions and techniques. I felt that every comment was reasonable. It was really a master among the people. After reading many related articles, I found that most of the authors’ level was very high. Many articles mentioned that the reason for the stock explosion was that the risk control was not well done. Secondly, in terms of technical form, it was indeed in an upward trend. I thought that the presentation was very good and there was no problem. It is true that the explosion can be controlled, but it must be realized that the comment area is much more lively. There is a kind of friend’s idea: the main reason is that the makers pull up the explosion, and the big organizations and consortia control the formation and change of the trend, so the role of technology may have, but not much. There is no problem with such understanding and thinking. That is to say, the core of trading according to this idea is to judge the main intention through a large number of fundamental research, combined with K-line or other reference indicators, and then trade. There is no problem in trading according to this kind of operation idea, but it is very important to know how the profit is realized if you do so. The source of profit is the result of judgment, which is consistent with the trend after going out, or consistent with the intention of the main force of the makers. Since there is profit, it must be accompanied by losses, because not every time we judge the main intention is accurate, and whether we can make a profit and how much profit we can make, we can only know if the market comes out. Therefore, our friends who have been pulled out of the market need to think more about it, no matter what method they use to open and close positions after analysis, which is the most basic for us Or risk control, which is an insurmountable red line for trading. Everyone admits that it is impossible to make judgments consistent with the market every time. Why not control their own risks fundamentally, but to participate in trading by “gambling”? Risk control is good, you can make profits. There are many friends in the comment area. The most heated argument is the basic information, the environment and policies that form the current trend. I feel that many friends are right. Through relatively complete information collection and their own logical judgment, trading conditions can be achieved. However, for the same information, everyone understands it Different, some people think that it is an empty opportunity to participate in opening positions, while others think that although there is a free opportunity, they choose to wait for empty positions. At the same time, some people think it is a good opportunity to copy the bottom, open multiple positions. With the same information, the final trading operation is not the same. Who are making profits as a result? Friends who have always kept risk under control are making profits, no matter what kind of analytical method they trade, this is correct. Therefore, the main operation of the banker, whether it is mild or ferocious, as long as you do your own risk control, especially after the loss, do not impulsive trading, always follow the market, wait for the arrival of opening opportunities again, enough!

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