In Africa, the rapid development of bitcoin trading surge

In Africa, the rapid development of bitcoin trading surge


With the digital currency to gain a foothold in South Africa, bitcoin’s interest is very strong. Now, bitcoin is developing rapidly in other parts of africa. A set of data from the CoinDance RazorForex recently released by the Tanzania and Nigeria two bitcoin transactions have increased.

According to one of the largest bitcoin data online portal of shows that since July, the local bitcoin trading volume in Tanzania and Nigeria have been surging. The Forex website also responded to this message: “ is a block chain information portal, provides the new index for each field of bitcoin ecosystem. At present, the data show that in Tanzania and Nigeria, people are interested in digital currency is rising.”

Bitcoin development in Nigeria

Nigeria naira bitcoin transactions reached a record 971829166, the transaction price is around $3 million. The specific reasons for Nigeria bitcoin transactions are growing so fast is not clear, but there are some clues can be found: the Nigerian people no longer have confidence in the currency, they also hope to gain more economic freedom. Quartz wrote an article on:

“Nigeria local businessmen and activists believe this new funding provides an opportunity for economic democracy, and this opportunity is by the people of Nigeria and contributed to the failure of traditional capital.”

Tanzania to accept bitcoin heat

African countries like Nigeria, its development speed is higher than Tanzania and other countries quickly. However, Tanzania seems to accept bitcoin transactions through the heat, the price is soaring. A few months before bitcoin transactions only in the 10K to 20K between the floating, and this month there have been more than 83 billion Tanzania shilling transactions.

This shows that Tanzania may join other African countries, and see bitcoin as a better or the most useful form of currency.

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