In August 1st BCC landing soon bitcoin China makers raise war

In August 1st BCC landing soon bitcoin China makers raise war

August 1st is regarded as an important node of bitcoin prices, economic observer learned that some makers will operate in the night. The crowd at present has formed a consensus: in the evening of August 1st, bitcoin prices probably will fluctuate rate.

August 1st is regarded as the node is a kind of competitive currency BCC is considered likely to fall in August 1st — per unit of bitcoin, which is equipped with a BCC automatic unit of currency competition.

The origin of BCC in bitcoin: bitcoin expansion dispute with limited design capacity to record transactions block first, the transaction speed is slow, the need to expand capacity — like a page of books of limited space, need to constantly flip records, affecting the efficiency of. Due to the expansion of the dispute and lurking behind the conflict of interest, the formation of BU and CORE and BCC are two factions, some industry insiders believe that it is the demonstration of the BU faction.

Although BCC has not yet landed, some trading platform BCC price remained at around 2000 yuan, 5000 yuan high breakthrough. At the same time, bitcoin trading volume is shrinking rapidly, a trading platform related to the economic observer said, bitcoin trading platform has recently declined very sharply, “everyone in cash, the source said.

The emergence of BCC likely will affect bitcoin prices, a bitcoin investors on the economic observer said that the current market depth has been more determined, and BCC bitcoin price should be a zero sum game.

The evening of August 1st

A number of bitcoin investors on the economic observer said, August 1st will be a critical period of bitcoin prices. At the same time, the economic observer was informed, some makers in August 1st will be the night in the bitcoin market a series of operations, the operation will be around BCC and bitcoin two currencies, two currency prices are likely to appear larger floating.

Some investors have begun to acquire new currency BCC landing on the platform, on some platforms that have not yet landed the currency price has been maintained at 0.1 bitcoin prices down. The investor made this prediction: in BCC after landing, some don’t accept the currency value of people would be selling BCC in the market, prices fell, then the dealer will buy some BCC uplift rates, therefore, landing BCC may present a state of low to high before.

For bitcoin itself, the market appeared some bearish voice. Currently bitcoin price is 18000 yuan. Two investors were the Economic Observer gives the minimum support level you think: 10000 yuan and 12000 yuan.

However, there are also the view that the price of bitcoin does not change significantly, including an investor believes that the current bitcoin prices have long been in a stable range, some currency in a sense has anchored the bitcoin, while increasing the number of the base is large enough.

BtcTrade trading platform is on the economic observer said that we should not be confused with BCC and bitcoin, the future development of the relationship between the two is not large.

The conflict of interest product BCC

This is the source of fluctuations in BCC, this is a product of the expansion of the bitcoin war.

Bitcoin was born after a period of time, to prevent spam attack based on a block of capacity is limited to only 1M. With the bitcoin market, trading frequency increases rapidly, the capacity of 1M to record trading volume is limited, once the transaction must wait a long time to be recorded in blocks that bitcoin books, to become the system recognized by the transaction.

The transaction so slow is not acceptable. Therefore, the birth of the two different schemes, a scheme that want to expand the bitcoin block capacity; another scheme that need to build a system on top of the bitcoin block trading system, multi frequency small record only in this system, the original block like big deals again into the system bitcoin in a paper books, to build an electronic system, small transactions recorded in the electronic books, large transactions then record to the limited capacity of the paper books. A scheme called BU scheme, namely BitcoinUnlimited; after a program for supporters of the CORE group, it is also known as the CORE program.

Sinking behind the battle line scheme may be the conflict of interest. A bitcoin investors on the economic observer said that the BU scheme for supporters of the “miners” (through the calculation, the bitcoin transaction entry block, and the block packing people. In this process will produce two parts: package block income generated by the system of reward and block trading, Fei Feiyong) if the CORE scheme, it means a very important transaction fee will be impaired in their income.

At the same time, the investor also told the economic observer said, it is because of the large number of miners gathered faction of the BU master symbol of a lot of bitcoin resources in the field of computational ability, so they push the BCC in the fall, easier access to miners, trading platform recognition, thus influencing the bitcoin price.

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