In Europe, the bitcoin (BTC) buying program of listed companies continues

Synbiotic, a pharmaceutical company, acquired bitcoin. German pharmaceutical company synbiotic se has added cryptocurrency and BTC to its portfolio as an inflation hedge tool. Btcsynbiotic is listed on the Dusseldorf stock exchange and xetra electronic trading platform. Following American companies such as MicroStrategy, square and Tesla, European companies are also buying bitcoin. On February 16, the company announced on its official website that “it has begun to transfer some of its remaining funds to bitcoin.”. Although the number of bitcoin purchases has not been disclosed, this indicates that it is possible to continue buying bitcoin. Chief executive Lars m ΓΌ ller explained why the decision was made: the number of bitcoin is limited to 21 million. The upper limit is fixed and immovable, and is guaranteed by the decentralized structure of virtual currency and the tamper proof nature of blockchain. As a result, we believe that bitcoin is more reliable than the euro and the US dollar in the long run, enabling politically affected central institutions to continuously expand the money supply. He showed that the risk of devaluation of the fiat currency, the euro, was hedged based on bitcoin issuance limits rather than speculative purchases. Synbiotic se is a company specializing in the synthesis and production of cannabinoid, drug development, and the development of dietary supplements and cosmetics. The company’s subsidiaries have long accepted bitcoin payments in addition to Euro Payments, which have been widely accepted as a simple digital payment method. Among the listed companies in Germany, the venture capital bitcoin group se has invested in bitcoin and its capital has increased to 100 million euro by January 2021. Among other European companies, London based asset management firm ruffer Investment announced it had made more than $750 million from last year’s bitcoin investment. Us Twitter is also considering holding bitcoin. On February 8, it was reported that Tesla, led by Elon Musk, had bought a total of $1.5 billion of bitcoin, and the price of bitcoin reached an all-time high. In addition, a growing number of companies have commented that they do not buy bitcoin at present, but will not deny the possibility of future purchase. “We don’t have plans to invest in bitcoin at the moment, but we will continue to monitor and evaluate the market,” GM, the chief executive of a major auto maker, said at a quarterly financial results meeting on the 10th. If the price goes up, of course, there is still room for consideration. ” The chief financial officer of twitter Inc. also said it was considering holding bitcoin as a means of paying employees and suppliers. On the other hand, some survey results show that not many companies buy bitcoin in the short term. According to a survey released on the 16th by Gartner, a research consultancy, only 5% of business owners said they would invest in bitcoin as a company asset during 2021. Many respondents responded that “high volatility” was the reason to stop bitcoin investment. Analysts are cautious about the price of bitcoin and set $48000 as the key support level. A Honda fan bought a used Honda gray bitcoin trust (GBTC) challenger with 37 BTCs in 2017, and the Osprey bitcoin trust began to trade over the counter

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