In fact, sell bitcoins at any time is a pity

In fact, sell bitcoins at any time is a pity

In November 5th, BtcTrade International ( trading platform, the evening bitcoin price of $7598, equivalent to 50393 yuan RMB, marking the bitcoin price exceeded 50 thousand yuan, which means that bitcoin from the beginning of the 15 year has been on the rise, and constantly refresh the historical high.

If current trends continue, the future you will find one day, coins and bitcoin may not hold, are two entirely different classes.

As an ordinary investor, concern is whether bitcoin investment can make money, but if you stand in a national perspective is concerned, if it can be used by me, behind the existence of some of the negative factors, if do not control the future, etc..

If the bitcoin as a currency, even if it is a bubble, with the general investment targets are different, the currency bubble, often because of spam, cause the malignant inflation. Notes with the government credit is completely linked, periodicity is very obvious.

Ten years ago, the pool of RMB (M2) was only 40 trillion, is now 165 trillion, or more than four times, if the number of currency increases, and is not a set of rules and convince users to continue to give the logic, then a sense of trust, will lead to similar gold, bitcoin and other non credit classes monetary assets have long been sought after.

Bitcoin with gold, there is no spamming problem, the circulation is known, is not affected by the impact of government credit, the main consideration of the valuation of the existing currency value. This makes bitcoin currency market natural will not be welcome, unless there is enough control method and ability, otherwise it is prohibited. If a country is able to handle bitcoin, bitcoin will become a new currency war nuclear weapons. This point has been found in Japan and the United States, or have already been found.

In November 4th 2017 Hangzhou Bay forum “, China, former governor of the Bank of China Internet Finance Association blockchain working group leader Li Lihui said, to bitcoin, as the representative of the etheric coin tokens, no country, no sovereign endorsement, no subject responsibility issued qualified, no national credit support, there is not legal tender. Is not a digital currency.

At present, bitcoin has “to China”, if investors want to invest in bitcoin need to consider the OTC market. Which is another reason for bitcoin prices.

In any case, data have shown that, in the face of rising bitcoin, at any time to sell it, is a worthy of regret!

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