India bitcoin boom coming Bollywood star touted bitcoin

India bitcoin boom coming Bollywood star touted bitcoin

Bollywood news recently reported that celebrities are bitcoin crazy. The famous India artists have been on twitter comment bitcoin. They seem to find that the money is very attractive, but also see its future growth potential. According to a recent article in Bollywood news, some celebrities including: ShilpaShetty, RajKundra, rMadhavan etc. are said to bitcoin interest.

India bitcoin boom attracted big Bollywood

Bollywood stars are likely because bitcoin in India and attracted by the explosive growth of bitcoin.

The India government announced the “waste money order”, other forms of currency like wildfire spread, especially bitcoin. There are many in India bitcoin exchange. Bollywood news website explained:

“India has several online portals can be traded bitcoin. Some of the popular portal website is Coinsecure, Zebpay, Unocoin, BTCXIndia. According to MSN, India is only about 1 million of bitcoin users from all walks of life.”

Celebrities may also be affected by India bitcoin hero AmitBhardwaj.

He is the founder of AmazeMining&ResearchLtd, is the author of “bitcoin entry”.

According to Bollywood News reported that since 2012, he has been surrounded by loyal bitcoin. In recent years, his work and dedication to bitcoin is increasing, India celebrities also tweeted about his message, and the promotion of his book. The influence of Bhardwaj seems to be particularly inspired India superstar bitcoin enthusiasm.

The government pays attention to bitcoin, hot bitcoin craze

Recently, the India government is decided how to regulate bitcoin.

They on the digital currency concerns around India aroused people’s interest.

As everyone knows the Bollywood star has now gathered in the field, and for bitcoin and Tim wood fire. See how India bitcoin craze develops in the future, it will be interesting.

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