India bitcoin demand continues to rise the shortage of cash reserves to promote bitcoin increased demand

India bitcoin demand continues to rise the shortage of cash reserves to promote bitcoin increased demand

Some members of the India government recently made some negative statement on India bitcoin, but did not slow down the demand for India bitcoin encryption currency.

At the same time, the relevant agencies in India a person in charge of the investigation committee to investigate the composition of India bitcoin real situation in India, and will launch a India bitcoin report within three months.

In the Commission set up a few days after the India bitcoin start-up companies have formed an alliance, the main work is the alliance with India officials to discuss the India bitcoin problem.

The newly established India bitcoin startups alliance name “India digital assets and the blockchain foundation, including the key to bitcoin for start-up companies, such as Zebpay, Unocoin, Coinsecure and Searchtrade.

“We asked the India investigation committee to give us a chance to witness the India bitcoin, and demonstrate the benefits of this technology to other citizens in India.”

“Financial inclusion, cheap international remittance, tracking block chain network value flow, and the potential of India as a financial center, is the main advantage of using bitcoin virtual currency.”

The current India cash reserve shortage in the India economy market once again cast a shadow, so as to promote the India bitcoin’s performance is very good. For digital currency like bitcoin, but also a great market demand. The first week of April, the P2P website Localbitcoins bitcoin turnover of 20 million India rupees, or about $300 thousand. In addition, India bitcoin exchange bitcoin price gap at present than most of the global average of $50.

In addition, as in Chinese, bitcoin traders and fans in India bitcoin transactions do well. According to a recent India Times article, India bitcoin is becoming attractive encryption currency, because it can not be any license can be used for the transfer of funds around the world.

Coinsecure exchange CTOBensonSamuel and founder of India found that customers are using bitcoin trading arbitrage.

“A lady once from our exchange to buy a few hours to sell it to another exchange customers. This is because all the different different trading price of bitcoin.”

Because of the shortage of cash reserves raged in India, many citizens found a safe haven and valuable assets storage by India bitcoin. Now most Indians will bitcoin as asset classes, is waiting for the government to be regarded as the legal form of payment, like Japan’s recent initiatives.

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