India bitcoin exchange Unocoin a new round of financing $1 million 500 thousand

India bitcoin exchange Unocoin a new round of financing $1 million 500 thousand


India bitcoin exchange venture company Uncoin has received $1 million 500 thousand in a new round of financing.

A round of financing. The pre investment from India domestic and foreign investors, venture capital firms from Blume lead investor, venture capital firm Mumbai ah!, angel investment company and BootsVC, BnkToTheFuture, digital currency group and FundersClub Senate vote.

This financing is the Unocoin after the seed round of financing second financing. This house is located in India, Bangalore stock exchange was founded less than 3 years, but originally started on the exchange after just a few months, the number of customers more than 100 thousand people.

According to Unocoin co-founder Sonny? Lei (SunnyRay) said, the funds raised will be used for a variety of purposes, including to provide liquidity to the market, and expand exchanges in India domestic and foreign operations. Some of the money is likely to improve the transaction efficiency in India big city.

He told Coindesk in an interview:

“One of the things that we are fighting for in these large city to obtain a stronger sense of presence, a real can see there.”

Support the project risk of the company include Blume Cadillac? Rudi (KarthikReddy), he said, they think the financing can be enhanced Unocoin in India existing tools.

Reddy said in a statement:

“We believe that Unocoin will further change the pattern of the market, and make more progress in the field of electronic commerce and India remittance.”

Bitcoin long-term development path in India remains to be seen, however, India senior regulators are active in the past treatment of bitcoin attitude.

At the end of 2013, the Reserve Bank of India warned the local consumers to use digital currency risk. At that time, the central bank said bitcoin (and competitive currency, such as the BBQcoin) without any support of central agencies, nor to the field of any company authorized.

Last summer, two RBI officials said they believe that “digital currency has the possibility to support the ‘crime and antisocial, called for joint supervision. However, the application of digital technology to explore these money behind the Central Bank of India and later called on the country’s financial sector.

Today, bitcoin in India’s development momentum is very strong, a few days ago someone published an article said that India is likely to exceed China in the use of bitcoin.

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